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20 Jan

Dear Channel 10, I just thought you’d like to know that the NCIS fans here in Australia are getting restless.

How do I know that?  Because in the last seven days hits on my blog post from 3rd October 2013 ( https://margysmusings.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/ncis-in-australia/ ) have gone totally berserk.

The blog post in question was about why I didn’t think NCIS season 11 was going to be properly fast-tracked, unlike Homeland and assorted other pieces of drivel disguised as drama.

Oh, and I think people want more of the Graham Norton Show too, because he’s the other topic that’s been repeatedly hit on this last week.  All three blog posts I did on the Graham Norton Show have been read avidly.

Basically, viewers appear to actually want new shows… not the assortment of repeats 10 is currently inflicting on the viewing public.  Non-ratings period be damned!  Channels 7 and 9 are actually showing some new shows – so why isn’t 10?  Admittedly Channel 7 currently has the Australian Open Tennis, and Channel 9 is flogging the cricket horse to death – maybe 10 has just given it up as a bad job.

It’s nice to think that people might think I know what’s going on at Channel 10.  Personally I don’t think ANYONE knows what’s going on at Channel 10.

I’m just a woman with a computer and an opinion and I’m not afraid to wield either.

As to my opinion on new NCIS and the Graham Norton Show showing on 10 – I don’t think we’ll be getting much of anything until the end of February/beginning of March.  Why?  Because Channel 10 has the pestilential Winter Olympics from Sochi.  Boredom by any other name.  But until those are over we can kiss goodbye to any chance of decent programming on Channel 10.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford on the Graham Norton Show

13 Oct

We got to see this in Australia last night, fast-tracked from the UK.  A note to Channel 10… it would help if you mentioned all the guests in the advertising.  Getting a little tired of your ignoring Benedict Cumberbatch as if he isn’t interesting.  World’s hottest man and you don’t think he’s a draw card?  Fire your promotional people, they suck!

Firstly, I have got to say that this was one of the best Graham Norton shows I have ever watched.  Graham is such a wonderfully funny man.  His wit is quite acidic and absolutely evil.  I loved his description of his guests as “Fresh meat for my sofa”.  I half expect the sofa to swallow Harrison, Benedict and James Whitehall whole!

Harrison Ford seemed a little confused by both Graham and the show, until he realised that he could say what he liked.  No-one would get upset if he swore.  He seemed to settle in and enjoy himself.  Harrison Ford has quite a dry, droll sense of humour, and his delivery is dryer than the Sahara Desert.  When Graham asked him is his kids got school cred for having Han Solo and Indiana Jones as their father, his reply was a dry “Frankly my kid’s could give a shit.”

Benedict was late, due to filming “The Imitation Game” about Alan Turing.  He told his rather embarrassing story about fan boying over Harrison Ford, where what he intended to say came out all wrong. 

It turned into a mutual admiration society when Harrison Ford admitted he was a fan of Benedict’s, particularly Sherlock Holmes.

Graham showed a clip from “The Fifth Estate”.  Now, I had no intention of seeing the movie.  As much as I love Benedict, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch a movie about Julian Assange, who, to be honest, I don’t have much interest in.  However, the clip blew me away.  The Australian accent is hard to master, and Julian Assange’s accent is not pure Australian.  Like so many Aussies who have lived overseas for extended periods of time, he’s picked up accent overlays.  Benedict nailed it perfectly.  He also nailed Julian’s speech patterns.   

On a slight tangent from the subject of accents and speech patterns, Benedict also does an awesome Chewbacca impression.

Graham provoked much amusement with Benedict Cumberbatch/Otter memes.  It was a pleasure to discover I’m not the only person who buggers up the word ‘memes’.  Neither Graham or Benedict could work out how it was supposed to be pronounced either.

Another amusing part of the show was comedian James Whitehall trying desperately to get Benedict to tell him how Sherlock survived the fall.

Fantastic show with fantastic guests. 

Note to Graham: we really need Benedict on the show once a month, if that is at all possible.  Thanks.

NCIS in Australia

3 Oct

Season 11 of NCIS has started in the USA.  Usually, Channel 10 here in Australia fast tracks it.  Not this year.  This year we don’t even have an air date for it.

I think I know why.

Last season the ratings dropped considerably on previous years.  I can think of a couple of reasons for this. 

Firstly, I think the casual viewer base dropped.  Season 10 was very much a “fan” season.  Too much time was tied up with back stories and character based stories that there was nothing there for the casual viewer.  Fans drive a show’s popularity, but it is the casual viewer who drives the ratings.  A lot of shows with huge fan followings don’t actually rock the ratings world. 

I think the second reason for the ratings drop was the number of fans who illegally watched online or downloaded the show, not bothering to wait until NCIS aired here.  Having already seen it, they didn’t bother to watch on television (with annoying commercials)… so the viewer figures went down further.

We are seeing the results of these behaviours now.  The collective ratings are so low that Channel 10 has decided that it isn’t worth its while to fast track America’s most popular drama!

With the ratings season here in Australia ending within about 6 weeks, I will be very surprised if NCIS season 11 screens at all this year.  It will most likely not screen until February/March 2014.

That’s if they screen it on the flag ship Channel 10 at all.  By next ratings season Australian television will be all digital.  It is entirely possible that NCIS could be shifted to one of Ten Network’s other channels: Channel 1 or Channel 11.  Channel 11 makes the most sense, it is the channel they operate in conjunction with CBS.  It’s currently the home of less popular shows, extremely old reruns, and encores of more popular shows.

Whatever happens, it appears that the glory days of NCIS in Australia are well and truly over.

Three Years of Peace & Quiet

8 Sep

Finally the three-ringed circus of Australian Federal Elections is over for another three years.

For those not paying attention, were asleep, or simply didn’t give a rat’s arse, Australia now has a new government and a new Prime Minister.  We now have a conservative government with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.  He can’t possibly be worse than Kevin “I Have A Work Vest Paraphilia” Rudd.  One can only hope he will be better.  At least he didn’t declare he had a mandate to govern, making it sound like it was his last territorial demand in Europe, which is what Kevin Rudd did when he was elected.

I had intended to ignore the whole shebang after I had cast my (compulsary) vote.  Ended up deciding it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few minutes of “The Election Project” on Channel 10 and ended up watching the whole bloody thing.  Election  coverage is usually so very boring that death seems like a more fun thing to experience.

The Election Project combined election news with humour and insightful comments and actually made for pretty interesting television.  Including easy-on-the-eyes Member of Parliament, Jason Clare, didn’t hurt either.  Thoughtful of Channel 10 to include a little bit of thinking-woman’s crumpet.

Be that as it may, it is over.  No more election bollocks, at least at a Federal level, for another three years.  I can now concentrate on the things that are important in my life: Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock, books, dvds, music… the things that make life worthwhile.

Return of MasterChef

2 Jun

Last night saw the long awaited return of MasterChef to Australian television.  This season MasterChef has swapped cities, moving down to Melbourne from Sydney.

I had looked forward to it with great anticipation.  Sadly, I was dreadfully disappointed.  I found it hard to get enthused by any of the contestants, and I found I was getting dreadfully bored watching it.  If I’d had a gun I would have shot a smiley face in the wall.

I fail to see the point of larking around the MCG.  It’s a cooking contest, not a football game.  My only assumption is that the producers are also trying to sell Melbourne to the viewers.  Note to producers:  If the viewers want to be sold on a particular city, we’ll watch travel programs.

The whole Boys vs Girls thing was an attempt to ramp up the excitement that failed dismally.  I think that would have been more suited to MasterChef Junior, rather than the adult version.

Did worry about one of the contestants when he said that men were better chefs because of the testosterone.  Excuse me, but testosterone is the last thing you want in the kitchen, unless you’re having sex on the kitchen table! 

Testosterone fueled males anywhere near sharp, pointy objects is a recipe for complete, utter, and total disaster.  They will probably only hurt themselves, and it’s so hard explaining the injuries to the paramedics.

Only point of amusement in the show was Matt Preston referring to himself as the “disreputable uncle” of the MasterChef family. 

I was so completely underwhelmed by the first MasterChef of season 5 that I ended up turning off the television to amuse myself with my book. 

I will give MasterChef a go a bit later on.  Maybe it will settle down after they’ve got that stupid Boy/Girl theme out of the way.  I certainly hope so.

Forming the Cumbercollective on the Graham Norton Show

19 May

Finally Channel 10 in Australia showed the edition of the Graham Norton Show with Benedict Cumberbatch on it.  I do want to have a little snipe at 10 though….it would have been nice if you’d advertised ALL of the guests, not just Chris Pine and Kim Cattral…if I hadn’t known they were on the same show I would have missed it.  Channel 10 – your promotional people need firing.

Anyways….I am not a regular watcher of the Graham Norton Show, mostly because Channel 10 shows it too late on a Sunday night for this little birdie whose normal working week routine involves getting up before either the sparrows or the sun!

However, it was well worth sitting up for…and spending today impersonating a dormouse under my desk when I get the opportunity.

Chris Pine was very good.  His story about being pursued by a man wearing only one sock was hilarious. 

I do love Graham Norton’s format where he gets all the guests out at once and they basically sit and chat.  It works so well and doesn’t have the horrible stilted feel so many interview based shows have. 

It was however, Benedict Cumberbatch that I was watching for.  I was not disappointed.  He is just so lovely…and yes, I know, I am gushing.  Benedict is a wonderful guest for shows like Graham’s as he is only too happy to tell stories against himself.  The ‘neutron cream’ gag the Star Trek Into Darkness team pulled on him for example.

Poor Ben was so embarrassed when the topic of fan names came up.  He refused to say “Cumberbitches”, preferring to refer to us the Cumbercollective.  Whatever you want to call us, Ben, is fine.  I was going to say ‘we’re easy’, but that is open to massive misinterpretation.

The sight of Ben running up and down into the audience to hug his fans was so sweet.  Though I nearly collapsed laughing when Chris Pine hugged Tor, who is probably Ben’s best known fan.  The outraged squawk of “He just kissed one of my bitches!” was delightful.  Benedict does righteous outrage so well.

Benedict talking about doing “Frankenstein” with Jonny Lee Miller was very interesting.  Oh and Benedict, thank you so much for adding to my education!  Teabagging. Oh. My. God. 

Benedict talking about delivering the dialogue for “Sherlock” was also very interesting.  I hadn’t really thought about the complexity, not so much of the dialogue itself, but the method of delivery.

Graham getting Benedict to do the trailer for the show in a sinister manner was very funny.  Not half as funny, though, as Benedict’s wickedly accurate impersonation of Graham that followed!  I was literally crying with laughter at that.  I hadn’t realized just how good a mimic Benedict is.  I had heard him do Alan Rickman, but seeing him do Graham Norton, complete with bouncy body language, was absolutely hysterical.

I think I’m in love.

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