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Blog Statistics and Paul Darrow

26 Sep

I freely admit that the statistics for my blog fascinate me.  I can never predict just what is going to get good readership, except for anything involving Benedict Cumberbatch.  Then my readership goes through the roof.  If he ever stops being popular, God help my blog.

This week I have noticed something curious with the search engine statistics.  These stats tell me what internet searches are leading people to my blog, presumably so I can tag my posts more effectively.  What it actually is is a wet dream for anyone who loves statistics, ie me.  For some reason this past week the world has been fixated on the actor Paul Darrow.  Everyday there is at least one search for Paul Darrow that leads some poor sod to my blog.  I do hope they’re enjoying their visits.

I have one burning question, well two really.  Why Paul Darrow?  Why now?

He hasn’t died.  After the first few searches I went into panic induced internet search mode in case he’d toppled off his perch and I wasn’t aware of it.

For those that don’t know, Paul Darrow was one of the stars of the 1970’s BBC science fiction series “Blake’s 7”.  His character was the thoroughly unlikeable Kerr Avon.  It goes without saying that Kerr Avon became the most popular character in the show.

However, “Blake’s 7” screened over 30 years ago, so why the sudden internet interest in one of the stars? 

All I can think is that it is an offshoot from ComicCon in Cardiff, Wales the other week.  Friends who attended lost no time in telling me that he’d been there.  Pretty sure my wail of envious anguish could be heard in the UK.

It’s all it can be.  My own internet searches have revealed no news about Paul that could have lead people to my blog.

Whatever the reasons, it is nice to see an actor I admire so much once again the focus of attention.  If that attention brings people to my blog, then that’s just a happy benefit for me.

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