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Die of Shame

5 Jun

“Die of Shame” is an excellent stand alone novel from Mark Billingham.

When a member of a counseling group for addicts is murdered, DI Nicola Tanner has to work against time, an unhelpful therapist, and the rest of the group, to find out why the person was murdered, and who did it, before someone else dies of shame.

Well plotted, well written, and a deeply absorbing read.  The book swaps view points between past and present, but the changes are well delineated, so as not to cause confusion to the reader.

I’d worked out who the killer must be, but couldn’t get the motive, not until close to the end, but the massive plot twist right at the very end came out of nowhere and broadsided me.

DI Nicola Tanner is a bit different from Mark Billingham’s other characters.  I found her unsympathetic, and a bit of a pain in the arse, to be honest.  So a cameo appearance by pathologist Phil Hendricks was a more than welcome interlude.

Fantastic book.  Highly recommended.

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