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The Shepherd’s Crown

1 Nov

Sir Terry Pratchett’s last book can only be described as delightful.

Tiffany Aching comes of age as a witch, as, once again, the Elves attempt to break through into Discworld.

Assisted by the other witches, the Nac Mac Feegles, a possible male witch named Geoffrey and his goat, and a very Dad’s Army-esque band of elderly men, Tiffany stands firm protecting the Chalk and Lancre.

“The Shepherd’s Crown” is a book about the individual, their place in society, and society’s assumptions.  Geoffrey wants to be a witch,  Maggie, the daughter of Feegles Rob Anybody and the Kelda, wants to be a warrior like her brothers, and Tiffany just wants to be herself.

Brilliant, brilliant book.

Possibly my favourite Terry Pratchett of all.

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