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4 Jul

“Dodger” by James Benmore takes us into the adult life of Charles Dickens’s immortal character.

Jack Dawkins aka The Artful Dodger is back in London after having been transported to Australia for seven years. With a pardon signed by a dodgy, and more than a little insane, aristocrat, Dodger is a man with a mission: find the Jackapoor stone and return it to the aristocrat…otherwise Dodger is going to end up dead.

The story is a delicious romp through 19th century London. Murder, mayhem, and a reunion of sorts with Fagin’s other “boys”.

It was nice to see the inclusion of an Australian aboriginal character. Warrigal, known as Peter Cole, to the English, is a nicely balanced, very human character. So much so, that I really want to see this character get his own book. I really want to learn more about Warrigal.

The plot is fast paced and with enough twists and turns to make you stop and go Whoah!

I think Charles Dickens would be very proud to see Jack Dawkins all grown up.

Fabulous book. Highly recommended. I can’t wait to bet my hands on the other books in the series

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