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Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories

17 Aug

“Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories” originally started life as eleven separate ebook novellas, which were, thankfully, gathered together into one paperback volume.  The book is yet another souvenir for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013.

“Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories” is a real treat for Doctor Who fans.  As it says on the cover there are eleven stories, one for each incarnation of the Doctor.

Being an anthology, the quality is a little up and down.  There are three that I enjoyed more than the others.

‘The Third Doctor: The Spear of Destiny’, by Marcus Sedwick, sees the third Doctor and Jo Grant heading back to the proto-Norse period for an encounter with Odin and others.

‘The Eighth Doctor: Spore’, by Alex Scarrow is set in a small town in Nevada in the USA.  The Doctor swinging his UNIT credentials around and acquiring a temporary companion.

But my favourite, the one on which my total enjoyment of the book pivots, is ‘The Tenth Doctor: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage’, by Derek Landy.  The Doctor and Martha come across an alien who has created a world from the imaginations of others, mostly drawing on books they have read.  When the alien battens onto Martha’s reading memories, the story turns hysterically funny.

There is something in “Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories” for every Doctor Who fan, and if you’re going to buy a few books as mementos of the anniversary, you could do a lot worse than buying this one.

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