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Extreme Prey

29 May

I will admit that this was the last chance for me for this series of John Sandford’s.  I’d found the last two Lucas Davenport books severely lacking the spark that made the series so great.  So it was with some trepidation that I picked up “Extreme Prey”.

Lucas Davenport is back with a bang!

Elmer Henderson is running for President, when he notices a couple of strange people giving him odd messages at rallies that seem to point to a conspiracy against another candidate, he calls Lucas in to investigate.  Turns out it’s not political paranoia, and Lucas is running against the clock to prevent an assassination.

“Extreme Prey” has all the zest, bounce, and twisted humour that I have come to expect from John Sandford (and that was lacking from the last couple of books).

A well plotted, gripping read, that was damn near un-put-downable.

The books denouement is heart stoppingly explosive, and the solution to Lucas’ lack of official position is delightfully solved at the very end.

A must for all John Sandford fans, and a great read for lovers of thrillers in general.

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