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Full Moon: Sherlock Werewolf AU Fan Fiction

20 Mar

Having been devoted to all things werewolvish when I was a kid, I decided to take a wander through the wonderful world of Sherlock werewolf AU fan fiction.

One thing I found interesting was that the quality of writing in this particular genre is much more unbalanced than in any other I have read so far. 

The thing that really annoyed me was the number of writers who referred to wolves as canines.  The correct description is lupine.  Wolves are of the genus Canis Lupus.  Dogs are Canis Familiaris.  Yes, they had a common ancestor, but are now two distinctly different species with different behavioral patterns.  Unless Sherlock and John are going to be werepoodles, then please don’t refer to them as canines.

Then there are the writers who turn werewolves into domesticated pets.  My mind palace just isn’t able to cope with the image of werewolf Sherlock chasing balls around Regents Park and being taken for walkies by John! No, just NO!  Sherlock Holmes, consulting German Shepherd just doesn’t cut it in my book.

There is Johnlock werewolf fiction.  Of course there is.  The same problem applies as with the dragon AUs (https://margysmusings.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/here-be-dragons-sherlock-dragon-au-fan-fiction/)  – overtones of bestiality.  Unfortunately, it is much worse with the werewolf genre than the dragon one.  Some writers seem to delight in Sherlock in werewolf form screwing John into the ground.  Cease and desist!  That particular act is illegal in damn near every country in the world.  I can cope with Sherlock and John in human form having sex, I can  cope with the same thing when they are both in wolf form, but one in wolf form and one human has me frantically hunting for a bucket!  I am sorry, but that is just so wrong on so many different levels.

I have managed to find some truly excellent Sherlock werewolf fan fiction.  Fiction where the writers know the werewolf mythos, and/or are familiar with wolf pack behaviour.  Those stories are true gems and I have even downloaded some of them for my kindle.  Well written and interesting.  I draw your attention to two stories on AO3 – “Fighting Instinct” and “Show Me How to Stop Running”.  Both have been well researched and it shows in the attention to detail.  They are both Johnlock stories, so if you don’t like, then don’t read.

Not sure where my Sherlock AU adventures are going to take me next.  If you have any suggestions I am keen to hear them.

Here Be Dragons: Sherlock Dragon AU Fan Fiction

13 Feb

I’m back exploring the world of Sherlock AU (alternate universe) fan fiction.  The last week or so it’s been the wonderful world of dragon AUs.  Yup, you heard me, Sherlock and Dragons.

Whilst I celebrate the imagination involved, so many of the stories require, not just the suspension of disbelief, but suspension of it by the neck until dead!

A lot of the stories I’ve come across are cross overs to many and varied dragon based fantasy worlds.  Although, to my surprise, I never came across the one I thought was the most obvious, Anne McCaffrey’s “Pern” world.  I’m sure there must be some out there, I just haven’t come across them yet.

The combinations are many and varied, Sherlock as dragon with John as his rider/handler.  John as dragon and Sherlock as his rider/handler.  Dragons (ie Mycroft) ruling England.  Wars between dragons and humans.

By far the most disturbing ones are the Johnlock ones, which unless handled properly tend to have a rather disturbing patina of bestiality attached to them.  Even if the beast in question is mythical.

Many writers have got around this by having dragons have an interesting ability – the ability to take human form.  And before anyone says anything about that being a useful cop out, I can remember this very same device used in a novel by a very successful fantasy novelist, Mercedes Lackey, in her Serrated Edge series.  Same goes for the interbreeding of human and dragon.  Mercedes got there first.  Though in the book I remember it wasn’t a human/dragon crossbreed, it was dragon/kitsune.  However, it’s the idea that counts.

One big problem with this particular AU genre, is that due to it being basically fantasy, it seems to be too difficult for many writers to keep the characters in character.  Far too many of the stories have characters named “Sherlock”, or “John” or “Mycroft”, but you don’t get a sense of the actual Sherlock characters.  They’re just random characters who happen to have these names.  It does let the stories down somewhat.  You need at that point to stop reading them as Sherlock fan fiction, and switch your mind to thinking of them simply as reasonably good fantasy stories. 

I did come across one major exception to this.  I was browsing on AO3, when I came across a story called “Sacrifices Must Be Made” by a fan writer using the handle Winter_of_our-Discontent.  This story is sheer magic.  Sherlock is the dragon and John is the human sacrifice from his small village.  The story is funny, witty, and warm, but also manages to keep both John and Sherlock in character.  I had absolutely no difficulty in hearing Martin and Benedict delivering the lines.  My favourite:  “Look,” John said, “there’s being a dragon and then there’s being an arsehole…”

If you would like to read it, here’s the link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/904589  Be warned, however, it is Johnlock, so enter at your own risk.

In summary, as much as i enjoyed the one particular story, I have to say that Sherlock dragon stories are just not for me.  Maybe I’ll try werewolves next, or faeries.

A Fan Fiction Writer’s Opinion

16 Dec

I am about to shove in my two cents worth on the debacle at the BFI screening of Sherlock “The Empty Hearse”.

It is my considered opinion that springing explicit Johnlock fan fiction on Benedict and Martin, and expecting them to read it was pretty disgusting behaviour on the part of Caitlin Moran.  This is not the professional behaviour you expect from a journalist of Moran’s calibre.  It’s also a low, nasty trick to play on someone who is a friend.  Not funny.  In fact to pinch the Sherlock fandom’s favourite phrase, it’s a bit not good!

Of course Twitter and Tumblr reacted in their usual manner.  Firstly whining about the fan fic writer’s work being used without permission, then bashing Martin and Benedict for not wanting to read it!

Let’s look at the first one, shall we?  All fan fiction writers break copyright ever single damn time we post a story.  So don’t whine to me about stories being used without permission.  If Mark Gatiss, Steve Moffat and the BBC really wanted to, they could make life extremely miserable for fan fiction writers.  Oh and those “disclaimers” so beloved of fan fiction writers actually mean diddly squat if BBC seriously decided to sue.

Many fan fiction writers seem to think that they are above the law and that the shows owe them!  Excuse me, has it occurred to you lot that you are actually stealing the character’s created by the hard work of others and then playing holy hell with them?  So many stories are so far removed from the characters that they are barely recognizable.  I try to keep the characters in character – which is why my stories can take a month to write.  Until I can hear every word being delivered in character by the actor in my mind, then to my way of thinking, it’s not proper fan fiction, it’s simply new characters dressed in old clothes.

And Johnlock is about as far removed from the true characters as is possible.  Neither Sherlock or John are gay.  Yes the show has homoerotic overtones, which are mostly used for comic leaven.  Not to be taken seriously.  Yes, I have written a little light Johnlock myself, though nothing explicit.  And this has only happened when the story I’ve been working on works best with that outcome.  I prefer the strong friendship that glows throughout all the episodes of the show.  The friendship that is the essence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original works.

The second complaint about Martin and Benedict not being happy to read Johnlock fan fiction.  How the hell would you like it if you were an actor and you’d invested so much time and effort into bringing a character to life, to find people are happily bastardizing the character for their own amusement?  Think how Martin and Benedict must have felt.  Martin at least has read some Johnlock, I understand, Benedict I don’t think has.  Suddenly, you’re confronted with some pretty explicit writing that you’re expected to read out loud.  I’m actually surprised they didn’t just get up and walk off.  It says much for the grace and kindness of both men that they didn’t take their anger out on the audience.

Remember this when you write fan fiction or draw fan art.  We are privileged.  We are using the images of two REAL men who just happen to play characters, and they are mostly happy to allow us to do so.  Remember that the next time you feel the urge to whine about lack of respect to fans, be it writers or artists, or just the average fan.

Respect is earned not given as a right.  If you don’t respect the actors with your work and your attitude, why the hell do you expect anyone to respect you?

Bite Me: Sherlock and Vampire fiction.

31 Jul

I’ve been reading a lot of “Sherlock” fan fiction recently.  I’ve been focusing on AU material this week.  There are some really good alternate universes out there, but I do wonder about the need to write “Sherlock” vampire fiction that seems to dominate the AU area.

On the surface I can see it – Sherlock is a creature of the dark after all.  It’s just that I don’t really see the attraction of vampire fiction as reading material of choice.

Or rather, I don’t see the attraction of erotic vampire fiction.  It puzzles me and worries me on several levels.  Firstly the vampire – why pray tell does anyone want to have sex with their dinner?  It’s like a particularly dark version of “American Pie”!  Then there is the dinner, otherwise known as the victim, prey, whatever.  The world of erotic vampire fiction is filled with necrophiliacs getting off on having their neck (and other parts) bitten by an animated corpse!

Whilst the idea of a good looking man nibbling on my neck is rather attractive, I would much prefer him to be drawing oxygen through his lungs on a regular basis.

And please don’t get me started on the vampires-who-sparkle crap.  Not very useful for drawing prey to you, I would have thought.  Unless your chosen prey is a mad, crazy crafter with a paraphilia for glitter!

There has only ever been one writer of vampire fiction whose work I have really enjoyed.  That was the late R. Chetwynd-Hayes.  He had the ability to turn ordinary things into objects of terror.  His vampire fiction was truly terrifying.  Even years later I still remember the horror of the woman being drawn onto a parallel plane of existence by a powerful vampire, whilst her friend was helpless to assist her and they could only communicate through letters left in a pigeon hole at a hotel, as they both slowly went mad from the fear. 

Like everyone else I read Anne Rice’s series.  I refuse to go near Twilight, not being prepubescent, I don’t see it’s attraction.

I will continue my exploration of Sherlock AU fan fiction, but I will be steering clear of the vampire worlds.  I’ve found a faerie one that was good, and one involving the Greek gods.  But Sherlock sucking on John’s neck is definitely not for me.  At least, not a dead Sherlock…

New Adventures of a Fan Fiction Writer

19 Jun

Regular readers of my blog (thank you all) will remember my earlier blog post https://margysmusings.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/the-scary-adventures-of-a-fan-fiction-writer/ where I swore I would never write fan fiction again.

Well, never say never, as the old saying goes.

I am back writing fan fiction.  Mostly Sherlock fan fiction at the moment, but I will admit to having a Cabin Pressure plot bunny grazing by the side of the runway.

I have joined a fan fiction site and all future fiction will be published there. 

I still have no intention of ever writing my NCIS Mavericks AU fiction ever again.  I’m afraid I was too badly scared to even contemplate that course.

My future fics will be core characters with occasional original characters, where necessary.  But no long term original characters and no long term series.  I just can’t cope with that.

Thanks to everyone who gave me such wonderful support during the stalker shit storm.  You rock my world.

Should you be interested in reading my fan fiction you can find me at: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4797350/MargyW

The Scary Adventures of a Fan Fiction Writer

13 Mar

Why scary?  I’ll explain.  It all started last week when I attracted someone that has stalkerish tendencies.  But before I get into that, I’ll give you a little background.

I started writing fan fiction 30 odd years ago.  The first fandom I got into, and what started me writing, was Blake’s 7.  It was also the very first time I wrote a fan letter to an actor.  I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Paul Darrow.  Not only did he send me an autographed photo of himself as Kerr Avon, he actually wrote me a sweet little letter.  I was heartbroken many years later when I lost the letter whilst shifting homes.

I didn’t write much Blake’s 7 fan fiction as I was mostly writing for my own amusement.  Then an American penfriend pointed me in the direction of fanzines.  It is a mind blowing feeling to see something you have written in print.  I wrote a few more stories and gently drifted away from it.

Later I became interested in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Found writing ST:TNG fic too difficult as it was too technical for me.  Ended up doing book reviews for a local Star Trek fan club magazine.  Still writing, and still lots of fun.

Then NCIS came along.  I loved the show from the pilot episode, “Yankee White”, but didn’t get into the fandom until around season 5 when I discovered the NCIS fan wiki.  My latent interest in writing awoke and I started writing again.  Joking and larking around with two internet friends provided the genesis of my major fan fic work.  A NCIS AU (alternate universe) series called “NCIS: Mavericks”.  I had 3 original characters, all female, but the one who ended up centre stage was an Aussie cop named Samantha “Sam” Wallace.  I found that with writing and publishing online that I ended up being in an interesting position.  A fan with fans of her own!  Very strange and also very much a product of our internet age.  This could never have happened in the days of the old printed fanzines.

About a month ago a good friend lead me to Sherlock…and I was instantly smitten.  Started talking about my new discoveries of both Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch with great enthusiasm.  This obviously provoked the ire of the stalker creep I mentioned above.

Out of the blue I started getting messages from two people, whom in retrospect I believe was one person with two internet personas.  This person began accusing me of committing adultery!  Hello?  I’m not even married!  A cautious (on my part) exchange of messages revealed that in this person’s opinion I was cheating on Leroy Jethro Gibbs with one Sherlock Holmes!!!  My initial response was “What’s the weather like on your planet?”, then I started to worry.  How the hell could anyone believe that a real person could be involved in a sexual relationship with not one, but two, FICTIONAL characters?

I ran for my bolthole…the company of my very special friends, who even though they are scattered around the world, are always there for me.  It was one of these who got to the heart of the matter.  She pointed out that this person thought I WAS my creation, Sam Wallace!

I went from being very worried to being seriously freaked out!  There then followed a social media purge of the sort of epic proportions that would not have been out of place in Stalinist Russia!

And the results of all this drama and fear?  A real empathy for actors whose fans insist that they and their characters are one and the same.  Having been stalked in the past, my paranoia levels are now at danger levels, and nuclear meltdown is a distinct possibility.  The saddest result though is that right at this moment I feel like I never want to write any fan fiction ever again.  NCIS: Mavericks may never be finished.  The cute Sherlock plot bunny I had involving Mycroft’s umbrella and World War III, has curled up and died.

In a weird coincidence I came online this morning to write this and discovered that Benedict Cumberbatch is being stalked by his neighbor.  I understand his feelings all too well.  But don’t let her get to you, Benedict.  Stalkers are mostly cowardly arseholes  who, having no lives of their own, want to force their way into the lives of others.

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