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Blogger Has New Clothes!

3 Apr

There are few pleasures like shopping for new clothes when you don’t need them.  Well, that’s not strictly true.  I did need the new winter coat.  With that in mind I withdrew $100 from my bank and went shopping.

I know, $100 isn’t much, but I went shopping at a very special place.  The local Australian Red Cross Boutique.  Excellent clothing, many designer labels, and every dollar spent goes to helping others.

I love our local Red Cross store.  I have bought a lot of great things there over the last couple of years, but this time I think I excelled myself.

On Good Friday, peering through the window, I saw a coat.  Not just any coat.  A gorgeous red wool coat with red leather trim.  For my English readers, it looked rather like a Chelsea Pensioner’s tunic.  Everyone else: google “Chelsea Pensioner”.

Three long walks, and three equally longing gazes through the window, and I knew I had to have that coat.  Two nightmares.  What if it was the wrong size, and what if someone got to it before I did?  At 10.10am Saturday morning I streaked in the door heading for the coat.  I’d lifted it from the rack when I heard a subdued snarl behind me.  Looking over my shoulder, I saw one very annoyed blonde.  Seems she’d had her eye on the coat too!

Check the label!  My size!  Not time to do the happy dance yet.  The cut may be wrong.  Race to the change rooms.  Shrug off light jacket.  Tug on the red coat.  Bliss!  Perfect fit!  Twirl around examining myself in the mirror.  Assistant comes past and grins.  Assures me the coat looks great.  Yeah.  Pretty much figured that.  Check the price tag.  Oooooo.  Not only is the coat brand new, it’s only $60.00.  NOW is the time to do the happy dance!

Five minutes I am out the door with my precious and $40 left in my purse.  Mmmm.  More clothing treats.

A visit to a local chain store netted me a new pair of black boots for $19.00.  Then to top off my clothing self indulgence: two pashminas for $18.00.  One a gorgeous purple and silver; the other sky blue and silver.  My regular readers already know of my devotion to all things scarfish:  https://margysmusings.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/confessions-of-a-scarf-addict/

All decked out for winter for less than $100.00.  It’s really not that hard to look and feel great and not spend a lot of money to do it.

Excuse me, contemplating my purchases, I feel the need to do the Happy Dance again.  Be Back Later.

Confessions of a Scarf Addict

19 Mar

Autumn is here in Melbourne.  I am one very happy little camper, because that means I can indulge one of my favorite addictions.  Scarves.

I have a great little collection of scarves. Well, not so little.  Actually, I have enough scarves to do the Dance of the Seven Veils several times over without using the same scarf twice.

When autumn comes and scarves appear in the shops, I feel like a cat in a catnip patch.  Stoned out of my brain and chasing invisible mice.

Scarves look good indoors and out.  Whether wrapped trailing around the throat a la Isadora Duncan, or bunched up under the chin like Sherlock, they express the wearer’s personality.  Colour, material, pattern, fringes, whatever your fancy is.

Scarf addicts are frequently misunderstood.  My sister doesn’t understand me.  The same conversation is played out many times over the autumn and into winter.  Me: Oooohhhh.  Scarves.  Sister: You have enough scarves.  Me: But it’s blue!  Sister: You have a blue scarf! Me: NOT THAT BLUE SCARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only another scarf addict would understand that you can never have just one blue scarf.  Or green.  Or red.  Or purple.  You must have a variety of shades, materials, textures and patterns to suit every mood and every outfit.  It is vastly important to the scarf addict that they have the appropriate scarf for the occasion.

Acute Scarf Envy is a major problem for addicts.  This is the act of seeing someone wearing a scarf you want, but cannot subsequently find anywhere.  I suffer from acute scarf envy every time I watch Sherlock.  Both the season 1 and season 2 scarves are the objects of my desire.  I just want to tear the scarves from around Benedict’s neck and run away with them.  I also want to tear the rest of Benedict’s clothes off, but that’s for different reasons not germane to this blog. *coughs*

My envy got really acute when a friend of mine managed to find the EXACT scarf from season 1 Sherlock in the bargain bin at an expensive department store in Sydney.  However, she too, is a scarf addict, so I cannot begrudge her her find.  I only hope she lets me hold the scarf when I next visit.

Scarves provide great sensory input.  Wrapped securely around the throat, curled up under your chin like a kitten, they provide a feeling of security.  A sort of mobile security blanket.

My current delight is for pashminas.  Warm, soft, sensuous, cuddly, snuggly – the John Watson of scarves.  Which is possibly why I turn my jacket collar up a la Sherlock after putting on my scarf!

I think I need help. Lot’s of it.

Feel the Sexy!

3 Mar

I really need to give up reading the colour supplements in the weekend newspapers.  It’s not the celebrity gossip.  You know, which man/woman/porcupine the current Star of the Week is screwing. I’ve never been interested in the sex lives of the rich and notorious.  It’s the so called life style advice that drives me crazy.

All You Need to Feel Sexy!  And they offer up a pair of knickers consisting of a redesigned handkerchief with attached lace for the princely sum of $300 as the cure to your non-sexiness. 

I can feel sexy with the assistance of the $5.95 bottle of Moroccan Rose shower gel from the Body Shop!  I undulate out of the bathroom feeling like an odalisque in the Sultan’s Harem, about to make her play for the Sultan’s heart.  *coughs*  Excuse me.  I read far too much Barbara Cartland in my youth.

What was I saying?  Oh, yeah.  This is what is wrong with so called life style advice.  They treat it like a home renovation show.  Drape yourself in overpriced underwear, and you too can feel like a princess.

Nope.  Doesn’t work that way.  How many of us would think “I’m wearing $300 knickers, therefore I am incredibly sexy?”  Probably not many.  I know I wouldn’t.  I wouldn’t even think it if I was being undressed by the man of my dreams prior to a night of wild, unbridled passion.  “He knows I’m sexy cos I’m wearing $300 knickers.”  I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t give a toss.  Actually, if he did know my knickers cost $300 I’d start worrying about his sexuality!

The point I am making is that there is no quick way to feeling sexy.  With my measurements of 37-31-39 I consider myself curvaceous; the fashion industry considers me fat.  The fashion industry does not create sexy clothes for “fat women”, therefore if I relied on clothing to make me feel sexy I would spend all my life feeling like a frump.

There is a simple way to feel sexy.  It’s simple, but not easy.  You have to love yourself.  This is easier said than done, I know.  You need to love your own body.  None of this anxious peering at the mirror asking, “Does my bum look big in this?”  I have 39 inch hips – my bum looks big in everything!

As I said, it isn’t easy, but it is worth it.  It’s taken me years of staring in the mirror and silently affirming that I love my body. 

Someone once said that older women are more comfortable in their bodies.  This could well be true.  I took me to over age 40 to really love my body.  To look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.  To shake my hair back, smile at my reflection, and think “I feel sexy, dammit, I AM sexy!”

And not a $300 pair of knickers in sight.

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