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Three Years of Peace & Quiet

8 Sep

Finally the three-ringed circus of Australian Federal Elections is over for another three years.

For those not paying attention, were asleep, or simply didn’t give a rat’s arse, Australia now has a new government and a new Prime Minister.  We now have a conservative government with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.  He can’t possibly be worse than Kevin “I Have A Work Vest Paraphilia” Rudd.  One can only hope he will be better.  At least he didn’t declare he had a mandate to govern, making it sound like it was his last territorial demand in Europe, which is what Kevin Rudd did when he was elected.

I had intended to ignore the whole shebang after I had cast my (compulsary) vote.  Ended up deciding it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few minutes of “The Election Project” on Channel 10 and ended up watching the whole bloody thing.  Election  coverage is usually so very boring that death seems like a more fun thing to experience.

The Election Project combined election news with humour and insightful comments and actually made for pretty interesting television.  Including easy-on-the-eyes Member of Parliament, Jason Clare, didn’t hurt either.  Thoughtful of Channel 10 to include a little bit of thinking-woman’s crumpet.

Be that as it may, it is over.  No more election bollocks, at least at a Federal level, for another three years.  I can now concentrate on the things that are important in my life: Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock, books, dvds, music… the things that make life worthwhile.

The End is In Sight

27 Aug

Nope, not talking about the apocalypse or Armageddon… I’m talking about the end of the Australian Federal Election campaign.  We go to the polls  on Saturday 7th September.  Just over a week and this bollocks is done with for another three years.

I really dislike politics.  I realise every country needs a system of government and elections are the best way to get a reasonable one.  One thing that I don’t like is having my television viewing constantly interrupted with what is basically childish whining of “Pick Me! Pick Me!”  

This election has had the disturbing trend of commercials bashing the crap out of the opposition.  The Australian Labor Party’s commercials are attempting to paint opposition leader Tony Abbott as the Chief Executive Officer of Monsters Inc.  If Tony gets in, according to the Australian Labor Party, he’ll eat your children, steal your underwear, and a portal to Hell will be opened.  I have news for them… Australia already has a portal to Hell – it’s called Canberra and it’s full of lesser demons known as politicians and press secretaries!

You’ve probably realised by now that I am not a political animal.  On the political animal scale I am an otter.  I prefer to laze in the sun and play with my friends rather than even think about politics.

Right now the only politician, sitting or wannabe,  I have any time for is Julian Assange.  And this is only because there have been NO commercials on television for the Wikileaks Party.   If in the last week of the campaign commercials appear then my opinion will be dramatically revised.

Also, don’t get me started on Palmer’s United Party.  Anyone with half a working braincell should have been able to come up with a party name that didn’t have the initials P.U.P.   Always look at the initials when naming something.  The London Metropolitan Police learned that back in the late 70s when they named their latest mobile units Fast Action Response Transits! 

The other deeply annoying thing is the fact that the news programs have become de facto political commercials.  In a half hour news bulletin, there is about 20 minutes covering where the politicians were today.  Who cares?  I certainly don’t, and I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this.


So, just over a week to go… hope my sanity holds out.

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