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A Murmuring of Bees

9 Apr

“A Murmuring of Bees”, edited by Atlin Merrick, is the latest offering from Improbable Press, the gay romance/erotica Sherlock Holmes imprint.

The stories in this anthology revolve around bees, and, of course, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.  As with any anthology, the stories go from not very good, to mediocre, to excellent.  And, of course, it’s always a matter of personal taste.  My favourite stories were:

“Tales from the Riverbank” by Kim Le Patourel;
“The Secret Diary of Dr John Watson MD” by Kerry Greenwood; and
“The Love of Apiology” by Amy L. Webb

Some stories are straight out romance, but others are most definitely erotica.  So if man on man sexual intercourse offends you, then do not read.

A pleasant way to while away an autumn afternoon.  Recommended.


16 Feb

The author, Narrelle M. Harris, gave me a copy of the novella “Homecoming” in exchange for an honest review.

Jack Burns has been away serving overseas with the Australian army, he arrives home to find his best friend Elliot Talbott has started an investigative agency, and now, unaccountably, has gone missing.  The first case for ‘Talbott and Burns, Investigators’ is to find Elliot Talbott.

“Homecoming”, published by Clan Destine Press, sets the scene for a series (I have the second novella already) that I hope will be on going.

Jack and Elliot are likeable and relateable.  The plot bounces along nicely, and the writing is both tight and lively.

Be warned, however, that Jack and Elliot are a couple, so if male/male romance and erotica offends you, DO NOT READ.

The love scenes are beautifully written, tender and erotic by turns.

Highly recommended.

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