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Dear NCIS Fans – Grow Up!

11 Jul

I wasn’t going to buy into the controversy which is now surrounding Cote de Pablo’s decision to leave NCIS after 7 season with the show.  However, the behaviour of certain of the fan base has really left me with no option.

It may have escaped your attention, but Cote de Pablo is a grown woman.  She is old enough and mentally competent enough to make her own decisions.  Cote has decided she has had enough.  Be adult enough, and intelligent enough, to respect her choice.

Do not whine and sob to the other actors who are on Twitter begging them to get Cote to change her mind.

Do not threaten suicide if she leaves.  That is taking emotional blackmail to levels that go beyond pathetic.

Do not start useless petitions demanding that she be reinstated.  Cote wasn’t fired, you morons, she chose to leave.  And I suspect the attitude of some of the fan base may be part of the reasoning behind her decision.

Stop acting like a bunch of whining, spoiled nine year olds.  The world does not revolve around you.  Never has, and it never bloody will.  It may actually come as a shock to some of you, but the world actually revolves around the sun.

Now back off and give Cote de Pablo the respect she deserves.  She brought a wonderful, vibrant character to life on NCIS.  We have been privileged to watch Cote grow as an actress.

Cote has the right to get on with her life in any way she chooses.  And I hope we will have the joy of seeing her in other roles very soon.

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