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Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford on the Graham Norton Show

13 Oct

We got to see this in Australia last night, fast-tracked from the UK.  A note to Channel 10… it would help if you mentioned all the guests in the advertising.  Getting a little tired of your ignoring Benedict Cumberbatch as if he isn’t interesting.  World’s hottest man and you don’t think he’s a draw card?  Fire your promotional people, they suck!

Firstly, I have got to say that this was one of the best Graham Norton shows I have ever watched.  Graham is such a wonderfully funny man.  His wit is quite acidic and absolutely evil.  I loved his description of his guests as “Fresh meat for my sofa”.  I half expect the sofa to swallow Harrison, Benedict and James Whitehall whole!

Harrison Ford seemed a little confused by both Graham and the show, until he realised that he could say what he liked.  No-one would get upset if he swore.  He seemed to settle in and enjoy himself.  Harrison Ford has quite a dry, droll sense of humour, and his delivery is dryer than the Sahara Desert.  When Graham asked him is his kids got school cred for having Han Solo and Indiana Jones as their father, his reply was a dry “Frankly my kid’s could give a shit.”

Benedict was late, due to filming “The Imitation Game” about Alan Turing.  He told his rather embarrassing story about fan boying over Harrison Ford, where what he intended to say came out all wrong. 

It turned into a mutual admiration society when Harrison Ford admitted he was a fan of Benedict’s, particularly Sherlock Holmes.

Graham showed a clip from “The Fifth Estate”.  Now, I had no intention of seeing the movie.  As much as I love Benedict, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch a movie about Julian Assange, who, to be honest, I don’t have much interest in.  However, the clip blew me away.  The Australian accent is hard to master, and Julian Assange’s accent is not pure Australian.  Like so many Aussies who have lived overseas for extended periods of time, he’s picked up accent overlays.  Benedict nailed it perfectly.  He also nailed Julian’s speech patterns.   

On a slight tangent from the subject of accents and speech patterns, Benedict also does an awesome Chewbacca impression.

Graham provoked much amusement with Benedict Cumberbatch/Otter memes.  It was a pleasure to discover I’m not the only person who buggers up the word ‘memes’.  Neither Graham or Benedict could work out how it was supposed to be pronounced either.

Another amusing part of the show was comedian James Whitehall trying desperately to get Benedict to tell him how Sherlock survived the fall.

Fantastic show with fantastic guests. 

Note to Graham: we really need Benedict on the show once a month, if that is at all possible.  Thanks.

May the Cumber Force Be With You.

2 Sep

Rumour is gathering pace that an announcement that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in the new Star Wars movie is coming shortly.

Dear God I hope this rumour is true.

I loved the original Star Wars movie.  Not so much the sequels and prequels.  I’m not a Star Wars geek per se, just a devotee of the first movie.  I adored Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

I admit that I found myself speculating on Benedict possibly being in the new movie after shooting was transferred from the USA to the UK.  Wishful thinking at that point, but I started wondering what character he could possibly play.

I came up with what I think would be the perfect part.  Benedict Cumberbatch to play the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. 

This of course would mean lots of scenes between two of my favourite actors… Benedict and Harrison.  I like this idea a lot.

Then there is the casting of other characters.  When the prequels were shot in Australia, the Star Wars franchise became a cornucopia of Australian actors.  Some of whom now make a very good living on the convention circuit. 

Maybe the new British based Star Wars could find parts for all the Sherlock actors.  Just to tip us all into geek overload.  Martin Freeman could play Luke Skywalker’s son.  Mark Gatiss would make a wonderfully berobed functionary swishing around the place giving people the evil eye.  Oh…hang on… that would basically just be Mycroft in a pretty dress.  Maybe not.

Una Stubbs and Louise Brealey would be wonderful sidekicks to Princess Leia.

And there has to be a role for Rupert Graves.  Something swashbuckling and dashing.  Of course, Jonathan Aris has to play someone something nasty happens too.  That will delight most Sherlock fans no end.

Of course, the rumour could simply just be that, a rumour with no substance.  Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing the new Star Wars movie.

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