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Mrs Hudson Goes to Ireland

28 Dec

Grieving the ‘death’ of Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Hudson travels to Ireland with her friend Kitty Melrose to try and stop an arranged marriage. What they find is a mess of death and despair.

Published by MX Publishing, “Mrs Hudson Goes to Ireland” by Susan Knight is a fun book.

Obviously years of being Sherlock Holmes’s landlady had rubbed off on Martha Hudson, as she makes quite an excellent detective.

The novel is well plotted and well written. The research is impeccable. Susan Knight weaves details of Irish beliefs and superstitions through the story in a manner which brings the people and the place to glorious life.

HIghly recommended.

‘Mrs Hudson Goes to Ireland” is available directly from MX Publishing: https://mxpublishing.com/products/mrs-hudson-goes-to-ireland?_pos=3&_sid=dd1e9e640&_ss=r

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