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The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories

7 Feb

I felt that the editor, Otto Penzler, was too fixated on the writers rather than the stories, resulting in an extremely unbalanced mix.  Just because P. G. Wodehouse once wrote a Sherlock Holmes short story is no reason to include it, when, frankly, it’s not particularly readable.

I also felt that stories featuring detectives that are derivative of Holmes had no place in the book.  August Dereleth’s Solar Pons, for example.

There were extremely few outstanding stories, and some that were  appallingly bad, but the majority were mediocre.

Best stories by far were by:
Lyndsay Faye;
David Stuart Davies;
Stephen King; and
James C. Iraldi.

I don’t recommend this book to even to most dedicated Sherlockian geek, such as myself.  Far too much disappointment awaits.

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