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Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon

3 Jan

Any book that has the opening words: “Father Christmas! Halt right there!” is bound to be interesting.

In “Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon”, by James Lovegrove, Eve Allerthorpe arrives to consult Holmes with a haunting tale of demons and death, leading to Holmes and Watson journeying to Yorkshire in search of the mysterious Christmas Demon – Black Thurrick.

The story is fast paced and interesting, with a cast of entertaining characters. A lively take on the house party trope.

James Lovegrove never fails to create characters that are rich with personality. His Holmes and Watson are also outstanding, with the friendship between the two men shining through strongly.

The ending has enough Christmas cheer to be delightful, without sticking to the palate like overcooked fudge.

Highly recommended.

The Manifestations of Sherlock Holmes

24 Oct

“The Manifestations of Sherlock Holmes” by James Lovegrove is a collection of the author’s short stories, most of which have been printed in various anthologies.

I like collections like this, because I get a chance to read stories I may well have missed upon their original publication.

With any anthology there are going to be stories that you don’t like, but also ones that really stand out for you. In “The Manifestations of Sherlock Holmes” the stand out stories for me were:

The Adventure of the Marchindale Stiletto
The Strange Case of Dr Sacker and Mr Hope (originally published in one of my favourite anthologies “Gaslight Gothic))
Pure Swank
A Bauble in Scandinavia.

The last mentioned story being one that gives Watson a mystery of his own. It’s complex, sweet, and delightful.

One thing I did really love about the anthology was the fact that each story had a separate introduction with interesting facts behind it. Including original publication, and in some cases, the genesis of the idea.

“The Manifestations of Sherlock Holmes” is a must read book for all Sherlock Holmes fans.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Dust

10 Jan

When the lodger of a landlady friend of Mrs. Hudson’s is found poisoned, Mrs. Hudson turns to her own lodger, Sherlock Holmes for help. Meanwhile, big game hunter and adventurer Allan Quartermain is in town and somehow, his mission ties up with the murder.

“Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Dust” by James Lovegrove is an absolute rip-roarer of a book. While at first glance H. Rider Haggard’s hero Quartermain would not seem to be a good fit in Arthur Conan Doyle’s world of Holmes, the two mesh together almost seamlessly.

The story is fast paced and exciting. A wonderful combination of murder mystery and traditional adventure story.

There are plenty of Holmesian references to be found.

The relationship between Holmes and Watson is nicely balanced, with Watson having an edge of sarcastic snark to him, that I loved.

If you haven’t read “Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Dust” I suggest adding it to your To Be Read list as soon as you can. Highly recommended.

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