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Three Years of Peace & Quiet

8 Sep

Finally the three-ringed circus of Australian Federal Elections is over for another three years.

For those not paying attention, were asleep, or simply didn’t give a rat’s arse, Australia now has a new government and a new Prime Minister.  We now have a conservative government with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.  He can’t possibly be worse than Kevin “I Have A Work Vest Paraphilia” Rudd.  One can only hope he will be better.  At least he didn’t declare he had a mandate to govern, making it sound like it was his last territorial demand in Europe, which is what Kevin Rudd did when he was elected.

I had intended to ignore the whole shebang after I had cast my (compulsary) vote.  Ended up deciding it wouldn’t hurt to watch a few minutes of “The Election Project” on Channel 10 and ended up watching the whole bloody thing.  Election  coverage is usually so very boring that death seems like a more fun thing to experience.

The Election Project combined election news with humour and insightful comments and actually made for pretty interesting television.  Including easy-on-the-eyes Member of Parliament, Jason Clare, didn’t hurt either.  Thoughtful of Channel 10 to include a little bit of thinking-woman’s crumpet.

Be that as it may, it is over.  No more election bollocks, at least at a Federal level, for another three years.  I can now concentrate on the things that are important in my life: Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock, books, dvds, music… the things that make life worthwhile.

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