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A Study in Pink – A Few More Thoughts

4 Jan

Here in Australia the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission – equivalent to the BBC) has picked up the first two seasons of “Sherlock” to show on repeat.  Even though I have them all on dvd the temptation to watch without interruptions from commercials was too good to pass by, so I settled down last night to watch “A Study in Pink” – AGAIN.

I have lost count of how many times I have watched this episode.  It remains one of my favourites, and every time I watch it, I discover something new.  I have a few thoughts to share on the subject.

I have blogged previously on the episode, in case you missed it.  https://margysmusings.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/a-study-in-pink/

John’s therapist writes that he has “trust issues” at the start of the episode.  If John has trust issues, how come he offers the use of his mobile phone to a complete stranger, to whit, one Sherlock Holmes?  The scene also raises another pertinent question.  How the hell did Ella qualify as a bloody therapist as she’s so damn incompetent?

Just how did Detective Inspector Lestrade know where Sherlock was living?  He’d just moved in that day!  Is this a continuity error…. or early evidence of Lestrade being handled by Mycroft?  There is some interesting fan fiction in there somewhere, and I DON’T mean Mystrade.

The big question.  Did Sherlock and John  save the life of the man from Santa Monica when they chased Jeff Hope’s cab, on foot, through London?  Was the mystery American to have been victim number 5?  Hope couldn’t kill him after that…there were witnesses that the man had been in his cab.

Every time I watch “A Study In Pink” I find something new.  A line I’ve missed, or in these instances, questions to be asked.

Still think the man from Santa Monica is the biggest question of all.

Dust And Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr John H. Watson

30 Jan

One of the wonderful things about the GoodReads site is that the friends you make there recommend books to you. My mate Derek recommended “Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr John H. Watson” by Lyndsay Faye to me. I am so very glad he did.

I admit I was worried at first, because Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper has been done to death in both books and film. I need not have worried as “Dust and Shadow” is an excellent Sherlock Holmes pastiche.

The story fairly rips along (sorry) and the original characters have bounce and zest that blends well with Holmes and Watson.

The main attraction of this book to me is that Ms Faye has managed to capture that beautiful friendship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson perfectly. The depth and warmth of the friendship shines through, and if Sherlock Holmes is a little more human than he is in the canon, it only adds lustre to the friendship.

A word on her Inspector Lestrade. Perfect. This is the best literary capture of the inspector I have seen. Too many authors make him a bumbling idiot. Sherlock Holmes himself said in the canon that Lestrade is the best that Scotland Yard has. You get to see that Lestrade in this book.

Ms Faye’s Jack the Ripper research was impeccable, making the story just a little more believable than most of the other Sherlock Holmes/Jack the Ripper outings.

And if you are very, very good, you might pick up on the identity of the Ripper, prior to the big reveal.  It’s a beauty.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dust and Shadows to any Sherlock Holmes fans, Ripperologists, or anyone who enjoys a great Victorian detective yarn.

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