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Change of Life Style

13 Jan

I made a conscious decision before Christmas that I was going to change my life style.  No unreasonable diets etc, but simply change the way I live and do things.

The thing that prompted this was the tightness and lack of flexibility in my body.  This hit me home when I went to a yoga class when I was visiting my friend in Sydney back in November.  I lasted 45 minutes out of an hour, before I collapsed in a sore, miserable, heap.

Being over 40, I was concerned about my lack of flexibility.  I did not want to end up a shuffling, pain wracked, wreck, so a plan was formed to remodel my life.  Nothing major.  Cutting a few unnecessary calories out of my life, and adding a little more exercise.

My major form of exercise has always been walking.  I love walking.  I can walk for miles and miles, particularly if I am on holiday and I have new and interesting things to see.  I realised however, that this was not enough to ensure body flexibility.  So firstly I added some gentle stretching exercises to music.  This is mostly an excuse to blast bubble gum pop at neighbour-annoying levels.  With it’s bouncy beat and inane lyrics, bubble gum pop is ideally suited to swaying, stretching exercises.  The Sweet’s memorable song “Co-Co” is brilliant for stretching the muscles in the lumbar region and tightening the tummy muscles.

Then I decided to add push-ups to the list.  I started off with a wobbly three to a set.  A very wobbly three; I would collapse in a heap when I tried to make it to four.  And let me tell you, squashing your boobs into the carpet is NOT fun.  I am very proud of myself as I have made it up to nine push ups to a set with nary a wobble to be seen.  I’m pushing for at least ten a set, but my body will let me know when it’s ready to take it to the next level.  I do at least two sets a day.  The first lot when I bounce out of bed in the morning (yes – bounce) and then just before I go to bed at night.  If I find myself getting tight and sore during the day, then I’ll slide another set into the mix.  Even if I have to lock myself in the conference room to do it.

I realised over the last couple of days that it is working and that what I am doing is a sustainable life style choice.  My flexibility has reached to point where I can touch my toes!  I have not been able to do that for about twenty years.

My weekend treat, which used to be something like a Starbucks’ Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino, was a cup of pomegranate frozen yoghurt with dried cranberries, fresh strawberries and fresh kiwifruit.  Guess what?  It was a damn sight tastier and I enjoyed it much more than any chocolately drink.

The killer realisation came last night.  I thought I’d have a couple of my birthday chocolates.  Now this used to be fraught with danger.  One chocolate could easily become ten.  I had two chocolates and didn’t want any more.  No chocolate craving, no desire to binge.  Gone without a trace.

I can hardly wait to see where my life style choices take me.

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