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The Sign of Fear

27 Aug

It’s the tenth anniversary of the publication, by MX Publishing, of “The Sign of Fear” by Molly Carr.

I hadn’t read it before, but relished the opportunity to finally do so.

“The Sign of Fear” is not your typical Holmes and Watson story. The protagonist is Mary Morstan aka Mrs. John Watson.

We learn about the events of the The Sign of Four from her perspective which is greatly different to the story as previously published.

From that start the book jumps into a riot of colourful escapades and adventures with equally colourful characters, including Holmes, Watson, Moriarty, Emily Fanshawe aka Mrs. Neville St Clair, the father of Hercule Poirot, the mother of Miss Jane Marple, Raffles, Bunny, and the youthful Maigret.

“The Sign of Fear” is a delightful romp from start to finish.

Thanks to Steve Emecz at MX Publishing for providing a copy for review.

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