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These Scattered Houses

31 Jan

“These Scattered Houses” is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche written by Gretchen Altabef and published by MX Publishing.

Set in New York near the end of the Great Hiatus – Sherlock Holmes finds sanctuary at Vassar Women’s College under the guise of Professor Sigerson. Naturally, murder and mystery follow him.

“These Scattered Houses” is a delightful book. It is well written and absorbing. The research is impeccable and the book has a comprehensive bibliography at the end.

Ms. Altabef has done a sterling job. Even though Holmes is bereft of his Watson, Holmes’s voice rings clear and true in this excellent novel.

It is interesting to see Holmes outside of his usual haunt of London and its environs. The story works well and is an excellent read.


Thank you to Steve Emecz at MX Publishing for the review copy.

You can buy “These Scattered Houses” here: https://mxpublishing.com/products/sherlock-holmes-these-scattered-houses?_pos=4&_sid=345c3e66a&_ss=r

And while you are on the MX site, why not check out my author page there: https://mxpublishing.com/collections/sherlockian-author-profile-margaret-walsh

Online Launch of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the London Dock Deaths

7 Jan

My latest book, “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the London Dock Deaths” will be launched via a zoom webinar.

The webinar will be held on February 6th at 11.00am AEDT. For other places this is:

February 6th, 1.00pm – NZDT

February 5th, 12.00am (midnight) – UK

February 5th, 7.00pm – EST (USA)

There will be an Q&A and I will be doing a reading from the book. There will also be a free mystery audiobook for every attendee.

The link is below. I hope you can join me and Steve from MX Publishing for the event.


The Art of Sherlock Holmes Authenticated Prints

4 Jan

Phil Crowick came up with the idea of new pieces of art based on Sherlock Holmes stories. This idea resulted in four gorgeous coffee table books, and two exhibitions in the USA before the pandemic, where some of the original art sold.

Now authenticated prints of these delightful works are available directly from MX Publishing. There are 55 to chose from. Four stand out for me.

The Affair of Miss Finney (#36)

The Coffee Traders Dilemma (#37)

The Case of the Cursed Clock (#46)

The Adventure of the Medium (#54)

Why not check them out? You might find something that you would like to add to your Sherlock Holmes collection, art collection, or just something you think would look good on your wall. https://mxpublishing.com/collections/art-of-sherlock-holmes-conan-doyle-estate-prints?page=1

The Sensible Necktie and Other Stories of Sherlock Holmes

3 Jan

“The Sensible Neckties and Other Stories of Sherlock Holmes” is the second volume of Sherlock Holmes short stories from Peter K. Andersson, published by MX Publishing. The quality of the stories are quite on par with the first book.

Peter Andersson writes excellent traditional Holmes short stories. Every story was a good read.

Two stories really stood out for me. The first was “The Adventure of the Hobnail Boots”. His Lestrade is robust and entertaining.

The second story was the delightful “The Remarkable Experience of Professor Parkins”. This story is a retelling of M. R. James classic ghost story “Oh Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad.” Turning Holmes’s logical eye onto a story of sheer illogical and terror made for a great read.

As in the previous collection, the friendship between Holmes and Watson is strong.

Highly recommended.

The book is available directly from MX Publishing: https://mxpublishing.com/products/the-sensible-necktie-and-other-stories-of-sherlock-holmes?_pos=1&_sid=8dda48904&_ss=r

Maybe check out my books whilst you are there: https://mxpublishing.com/collections/sherlockian-author-profile-margaret-walsh

Mrs Hudson Goes to Ireland

28 Dec

Grieving the ‘death’ of Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Hudson travels to Ireland with her friend Kitty Melrose to try and stop an arranged marriage. What they find is a mess of death and despair.

Published by MX Publishing, “Mrs Hudson Goes to Ireland” by Susan Knight is a fun book.

Obviously years of being Sherlock Holmes’s landlady had rubbed off on Martha Hudson, as she makes quite an excellent detective.

The novel is well plotted and well written. The research is impeccable. Susan Knight weaves details of Irish beliefs and superstitions through the story in a manner which brings the people and the place to glorious life.

HIghly recommended.

‘Mrs Hudson Goes to Ireland” is available directly from MX Publishing: https://mxpublishing.com/products/mrs-hudson-goes-to-ireland?_pos=3&_sid=dd1e9e640&_ss=r

You can check out my work available from MX Publishing here: https://mxpublishing.com/search?type=product&q=Margaret+Walsh

Sherlock Holmes Book Offer

26 Dec

My publisher, MX Publishing, has a special Boxing Day offer available for a limited time.

Buy “Sherlock Holmes and the Molly-Boy Murders” and “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Perplexed Politician” and get my new book, “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the London Dock Deaths” FREE. Not only that, you will get the book before its public release date!

Check out the link to the offer below.

Sherlock Holmes and the Ley Line Murders

13 Dec

In “Sherlock Holmes and the Ley Line Murders” by Allan Mitchell, body parts are discovered distributed along the ancient ley lines of Wiltshire. Holmes and Watson journey to Salisbury to assist Inspector Fleming with the case. They are soon joined by Inspector Lestrade, and the game is well and truly afoot.

The level of historical detail in this book is excellent. Allan Mitchell supplies a lot of facts about the ancient monuments of Wiltshire and the resurgence of Druidism in the 18th and 19th centuries, without straying into lecture territory.

The plot is detailed and delightful. An old-fashioned ripping yarn, in fact. Holmes and Watson work well together, and Mitchell’s Lestrade is a complete delight.

The only qualm I have is that the dialogue is in italics, which did make reading a little difficult.

All in all, “Sherlock Holmes and the Ley Line Murders” is a very good read. Recommended.

Thank you to Steve at MX Publishing for the review copy.

You can buy “Sherlock Holmes and Ley Line Murders” directly from MX Publishing: https://mxpublishing.com/products/sherlock-holmes-and-the-ley-line-murders?_pos=4&_sid=693d1ea22&_ss=r

And check out my MX Publishing profile while you are there: https://mxpublishing.com/collections/sherlockian-author-profile-margaret-walsh

Sherlock Holmes and the Thames Murders

29 Nov

The year is 1890 and London is shocked by a series of brutal murders in London’s docklands. Scotland Yard is desperate for assistance and call on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson to provide it.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Thames Murders” by Johanna M. Rieke is a corker of a book. Well plotted and well written, it is a delicious read from start to finish.

Ms. Rieke has kept the characters very true to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s originals, and the friendship between Holmes and Watson, always an important part of any pastiche for me, is rock solid.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Thames Murders” was first published in German in 2012. This English edition is published by MX Publishing in 2020.

The book evokes the time and the place with some considerable skill. It is no stretch of the imagination to describe the book as a masterpiece.

I look forward to reading the rest of Ms. Rieke’s pastiches as they become available in English. The book is available directly from MX Publishing: https://mxpublishing.com/products/sherlock-holmes-and-the-thames-murders?_pos=1&_sid=0159c0001&_ss=r

Thanks to Steve Emecz at MX Publishing for the review copy.

REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the London Dock Deaths — Features of Interest

18 Nov

Ragged, angry men were shouting slogans and demands at the gates, which were guarded on the inside by several indifferent men whose only qualifications for the job appeared to be their size. Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the London Dock Deaths by Margaret Walsh is an exciting and intriguing read. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, […]

REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the London Dock Deaths — Features of Interest

Sherlock & Irene: The Secret Truth Behind A Scandal in Bohemia

8 Nov

‘Sherlock & Irene: The Secret Truth Behind “A Scandal in Bohemia”‘ is not my usual sort of read. I do not usually venture into the area of Sherlockian scholarship or “pseudoscholarship”, as author Chris Chan would have it.

I am glad that I did. Sherlock & Irene: The Secret Truth Behind “A Scandal in Bohemia hits every button. It is interesting, thought provoking, and extremely entertaining.

The books explores many unanswered (and in some cases previously unasked) questions. Was the King of Bohemia hiding a dark secret? Why was the photograph so dangerous? Why was Irene Adler in such as hurry to get married? These questions and many others are comprehensively answered.

Chris Chan has written a book that is a sheer delight from the first page. Chris mentions the possibilities of writing more such books. I really hope he does, as this one was such a joy to read.

Every Sherlockian should read it. You can buy a copy direct from MX Publishing: https://mxpublishing.com/products/sherlock-irene-the-secret-truth-behind-a-scandal-in-bohemia?_pos=3&_sid=b79cf7ec8&_ss=r

Many thanks to Steve Emecz at MX Publishing for supplying me with a copy for review.

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