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Gimme it Down to There….Hair!

16 Apr

Melbourne’s public transport is on a roll.  This is two out of the three most recent blogs it’s provided inspiration for!

My tram’s ultimate destination in the morning is Melbourne University.  This tends to mean there is a fairly diverse range of people on it.  Usually at the time I travel, there are few people, and most keep to themselves, apart from the usual nods and quiet smiles of camaraderie between those who are up and about before the sparrows have dragged themselves yawning and farting out of their nests.

Occasionally there are students with early classes at the university.  These can be a trial because, frankly, they tend to express their opinions loudly and forcefully, and few people can truly be stuffed listening to it at 6.00am.  This doesn’t matter to them of course, and they continue to loudly discourse, oblivious to the dirty looks they are getting from other passengers.

This morning’s trip had two youngsters eagerly expressing their opinions to each other.  No-one else was listening.  These opinions were on the subject of women over 40 and the length of their hair.  Given that between them I doubt their age even added up to 40, I was both amused and verging on developing a severe case of the pip.

According to these young doyens of social mores, women over 40 should not wear their hair long.  It is, I quote, “not a good look”.  Oh really?  Says who?

Admittedly I do notice that a lot of women over 40 cut their hair short.  No-one told me it was a requirement of functioning in society once you reach that dangerous age.  It is also not a requirement I intend meeting.  Ever.

I wear my hair a shoulder length or slightly longer.  It’s my personal preference and no jumped up little twerp with no life experience is going to convince me to do otherwise.

Part of it is the fact that I have an oval face, strong chin, and high cheekbones.  Combine that with short hair and I look like some hard faced boarding school matron.  Which may turn on some men (those who went to English public schools perhaps), but on the whole is not an attractive look.

I grow it longer so that it falls across the sides of my face, and over my shoulders, like soft wings.  It’s gentle, it’s feminine, and it’s a bitch to look after, but I like the look and the feel of my hair framing my face.

I really don’t understand why people assume that when you reach a certain age you need to suddenly change how you look and dress.  It is mostly young people who think like this.  Either that or very few of my contemporaries are stupid enough to tell me how I should look and dress.  I’m guessing the latter is most probable.

People need to come to the realisation that the way you dress, wear your hair, the colours you wear, are all ways of expressing your personality.  Your personality doesn’t change when you turn 40 – so why should your personal style?

Admittedly my copper brown locks now have silver threads through them, but it’s still no reason to cut my hair short and act like I’ve got one foot in the grave.

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