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Playing to Win

15 Mar

“Playing to Win” is Jeff Apter’s biography of Australian music legend John Farnham.

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight.  John Farnham is nice.  Really nice.  I’m talking pictures of kittens on the internet nice.

However, nice does not make for a terrifically readable biography, so Jeff Apter had an uphill battle to start with.

Though by spicing it with the troubles of John’s manager Glenn Wheatley, Apter managed to create an enjoyable read.  Even if I did feel like I should be drinking cocoa and wearing warm fluffy slippers as I did so.

I do have one niggle.  Over use of the expression “rusted-on” to describe John’s fanbase got completely on my wick by the time I’d finished the book.

I learned some things about John I didn’t know, and came away from the book with my regard for John Farnham higher than it was before.

Highly recommended to anyone who has an interest in John’s career, or the Australian music industry, or just likes a feel good read.

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