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Why Don’t People Just Think?

8 Dec

It never ceases to amaze me how people don’t stop to think things through, and do something startlingly stupid in public.

Last night when I was going home on the tram, there was a woman sitting in front of me chatting on her mobile phone.  Which is fine, if not annoying.  I’m one of these people who is of the opinion that a mobile phone should only be used in public for quick chats… keep the whining about your mother-in-law, boyfriend, next-door-neighbour, or all three, to a minimum until you are somewhere private.

This woman managed to astound me with a level of stupidity that I had previously not seen in public.  In the course of her conversation she whipped out her credit card and began to read the details out to the person on the other end of the phone.  What. The. Bloody. Buggering. Hell????

Anyone within a several seat radius could easily have jotted down the details and then raised merry hell at her expense.  Especially as she gave out the security code as well!

I thought I had seen some pretty blatant disregard for personal privacy on public transport before, having been the unwilling recipient of the gory details of several people’s sex lives, but that took the proverbial cake.  Actually, it took three cakes, a large gateaux, and a strawberry covered pavlova!

This morning I am still finding it hard to comprehend how someone could be so damn stupid as to air their credit card details to the general public.

Though I am now beginning to understand why so many people fall for internet scams.  The International Stupidity Index is obviously a lot higher than I had previously realized.

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