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26 Seconds of Beautiful Agony

4 Aug

I have spent a large chunk of the weekend carefully examining (ie drooling over) the first Sherlock season 3 trailer.

It is 26 seconds of sheer, gorgeous, agony.  I love it.

Beautifully put together to tease and tantalize.  I think I’ve been teased to the very edge of my reason.

As Mark Gatiss wrote the first episode, “The Empty Hearse”, I am guessing that the snippets of footage used all came from his masterpiece.  Make no mistake, it will be a masterpiece.

I will admit I kept getting distracted.  Sherlock shucking his coat as he walks into (I think) a restaurant resulted in me becoming mesmerized and totally fixated on that damn errant curl on Benedict’s neck.  I just want to curl it around my finger.  I spent most of the preview muttering “Down Girl” and “Sit! Stay!” to myself. 

Then there is the expression on Sherlock’s face.  Fear, determination, and hope all chasing across his face as he crosses the room.  The urge to cuddle him into a coma becomes irresistible.

I’m still not sure if Sherlock was entering a restaurant to meet John or heading into the Diogenes Club to see Mycroft.  Incidentally, I can’t imagine Mark Gatiss wandering too far away from ACD canon with Sherlock’s return, so I am supposing the Mycroft knew Sherlock faked his death all along.  After all, in the books, Mycroft kept his brother in the loop and continued to pay the rent on 221B Baker Street.

The trailer is absolute perfection.  I adore it.  I kept sneaking back to YouTube for one more look.

There is one meeting I really do want to see though.  Anderson and Sherlock.  I have been amusing myself imagining the sick, horrified look on Anderson’s face when he realises that Sherlock isn’t dead.  I do hope we get to see that.


Shooting Sherlock

14 Apr

I have been following the news detailing the shooting of the first episode of season 3 of Sherlock, “The Empty Hearse”, with great interest.  And, having seen many of the photographs, also with great envy.  I so wish I could be in London right now to get the chance to see Benedict, Martin and the crew at work.  It’s times like this that you realize Australian really is too damn far away from anything.  *feels sad*

Some brilliant photos have emerged.  Benedict Cumberbatch at his most gorgeous…not to mention his nuttiest.  It is great to see a man so comfortable with himself that he has no qualms about looking like a complete dork in photos.  No raging Hollywood ego in action here.

One other thing has emerged.  Just how damn unusual the cast and crew of Sherlock are.  Most would get annoyed at the number of fans turning up to watch.  Not this lot.  The fans have been warmly welcomed, and in turn have responded by being well behaved and respectful (mostly).

Crew members have taken fans up to the door of “221B Baker Street” to let them be photographed…and sometimes Benedict or Martin have made their day by inserting themselves in the shots. 

Both Benedict and Martin have happily posed for photos and chatted with fans.  Not by word or look has it even been intimated that the fans presence is a nuisance.

Stories have come out of fans, having been all day at the shoot without food, being fed biscuits by Benedict, and pizza by Martin.  And non-fans wonder why we love these men?

As a complete back room geek girl, I am adoring the photos of the technical aspects of the shoot.  Particularly the recreation of the fall from The Reichenbach Fall.  Even if I did almost fall off my chair laughing at the photo of Benedict suspended in mid air keeping the rain off with a large umbrella.  The  lyrics of the Mary Poppins song “A Spoon Full of Sugar” kept going through my mind: In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, you find the fun, and snap the job’s a game. 

Yup, sounds like working on Sherlock to me.

One unsubstantiated story from the shoot really delighted me.  Allegedly a fan had nothing with them for Mark Gatiss to sign and asked if Mark Gatiss would high five them instead.  Mark’s response was supposedly “I only do french kisses.”  I did find myself wondering just what Mark’s response would have been if said fan had called his bluff.  Which is exactly what I would have done if I was that fan.  Mark Gatiss would probably still be running.

The Sherlock fandom is probably the luckiest fandom in the world.  Not just tolerated, but encouraged, one could almost say loved, by the cast and crew.  It isn’t the usual toxic co-dependency you often get between shows needing an audience and fans needing something to follow. 

Together we are something unique.

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