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Here We Go Again…

16 Jan

I came online this morning to find the internet in meltdown.  Sherlock fans venting their anger at the creative people behind the Sherlock episode “The Final Problem”.

I was going to stay out of it, but I can’t.  Because I’ve seen this shit before and it is NEVER good for anyone.

The last time I saw an internet storm this bad was when Cote de Pablo, who played Ziva David on NCIS left the show.  I said my piece then, but obviously people weren’t listening, so, at the risk of repeating myself… here we go again.

You have a right to be upset about a television show.  You have the right to an opinion.  You DO NOT have the right to be rude, vicious, and vile to the people involved in the creation of the show.  THAT is bullying and harassment and is a crime in almost every civilized society.  Problem is, in acting like that, you are displaying to the world that you are not civilized at all.  Or mature.  Or intelligent.

In what world do you think it is right to abuse Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss?  Or Arwel Wyn Jones – a man who, while he is responsible for the wonderful sets and locations, has sweet bugger all to do with the script?  In what world is it right to so harass the director Ben Caron that he deletes his Twitter account?

I’ll tell you what world. NONE.  None at all.

The demonstration of vindictiveness and bile displayed demonstrates a lack of compassion, humanity, and sanity.

It’s a television show, people.  Look around you.  There are people suffering: homeless, hungry, miserable, dying in wars…and you’re bitching because a television show didn’t go the way you wanted it?  Priorities, people, priorities.

It would serve you right if that was the last ever episode of Sherlock.  I know that if I was involved with the show I sure as shit would be wary of making any more and exposing myself to that level of vitriol.

Grow the hell up!

Hating on Anderson

16 Sep

It’s amazing the things you think about when you’re pottering around the apartment at 5.30am.  This morning I started musing on why the Sherlock fandom loathes the character of Anderson.  I had read somewhere that when the pilot was shot, people decided Anderson was a villain based on the fact the actor who plays him, Jonathan Aris, had a beard.  Yet when the re-shot “A Study in Pink” aired, with a beardless Jonathan Aris, people still started hating on Anderson.

Before we met the character we knew he didn’t like Sherlock. Sherlock: Who’s on forensics? Lestrade: Anderson. Sherlock: Anderson won’t work with me,

We also know Anderson will do anything to discomfit Sherlock. Sherlock: Anderson? What are you doing on a drugs bust? Anderson: I volunteered.

But thinking about it I am pretty sure that it is the first meeting with Anderson that cemented the nascent fandom’s open hatred of Anderson.

When we meet him, Sherlock cheerfully imparts the knowledge that Anderson is cheating on his wife with Sally Donovan.

The Sherlock fandom is mostly female.  To most women cheating men are the lowest form of pond scum.  At that point, whether Steve Moffat intended it or not, the character of Anderson became the most loathed character on Sherlock.  Even the real villain of seasons 1 and 2, Jim Moriarty, is loved more than Anderson!

It is now virtually impossible to find someone with a positive view of Anderson.  Even the fan fiction very much thumps on Anderson.  Something I am guilty of myself – in my writing I’ve had John break his nose, Lestrade publicly humiliate him, Mycroft’s had him drag naked from Sally’s bed to be bullied, and he’s been humiliated playing Strip Monopoly.   And I am nowhere near as vicious as some writers! ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4797350/MargyW )

The interesting thing will be how Anderson is treated in season 3.  Will the writers give us some back story that may, at least, mitigate some of the Anderson bashing we’re all guilty of?  Or will they happily fuel the Anderson whumping?  I very much suspect the latter.

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