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6 Mar

A couple of years ago I came across “Great British Bake Off” whilst flicking through the television channels.

I was immediately taken by the batty, but incredible, humour of one of the hosts.  A little research, via Google, informed me that the lady in question was Sue Perkins.

So having become a devoted GGBO watcher (well, I would be if freeview TV in Australia would play more than one series on constant repeat – it’s like Groundhog Day with icing), when I learned that Sue had written her memoir, “Spectacles”, I had to get a copy.

I was not disappointed.  She freely admits that names have been changed, and much embroidery added, but Sue paints a wonderful picture of a cheerfully disfunctional family (by society’s standards), that actually functions very well indeed.

Sue Perkins presents a warts and all look at her life, even if you do find yourself laughing when, deep inside, you feel you should possibly be crying instead.

“Spectacles” is warm, intelligent, and extremely funny.  If you only read one celebrity memoir this year, then make it this one.

Highly recommended.

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