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Fits Me To A Tee.

15 May

It’s time to come clean on the fact that I actually have another clothing addiction, apart from scarves.

I am addicted to t-shirts.  This realisation came rather suddenly when I received surprise gifts of t-shirts from two different friends in the same week.  One lovely friend who had been in London sent me a shirt from Speedy’s Cafe.  I will now pause to allow the Sherlock fans to squeak with jealousy.  The other wonderful friend sent me two NCIS related t-shirts.

It made me sit and look closely at my t-shirt collection, which made me realise one thing.  All of my t-shirts have meanings and associations for me.

My friends (and family) know my loves, and encourage them with t-shirts.  This is one of the reason I love my peeps so much.  They know me, accept my foibles, and damn well enable them. 

When I looked at the t-shirts I have bought for myself, I came to the conclusion that during the summer months I am literally wearing my life experiences on my chest.  The t-shirts I have bought for myself are from places I have visited, or theatrical productions I have been too, TV shows I love etc.

I don’t wear all my shirts at once.  I have about a dozen or fifteen I wear and keep the others spare to take out when one of the ones I am wearing carks it. 

Going through my collection I noticed that I have enough t-shirts from Orange County, California to keep me going for the next ten years.  Well, the t-shirt shop at Huntington Beach was having a sale!  And who can resist a t-shirt with a picture of a kitten in a deckchair with the legend “Life’s A Beach”?  Well, not me, anyway.

Also in my to-be-worn pile is a tee from an indoor rock climbing venue in Auckland, New Zealand.  My one and only attempt at rock climbing.  It was fun.  And I will remember it every time I wear the shirt.

Another shirt is from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.  A reminder of another wonderful afternoon spent with a fantastic friend.  Oh the fun we had exploring the ships.

A look back at photo albums from my trip to the UK in 1996 show that even then I was proudly wearing my life experiences on my chest.  A t-shirt from a Billy Connolly show, one from a David Strassman one, another from a Star Trek convention.  Memories, memories, memories.  And yes, I brought back wonderful t-shirts from the UK too.

I know some people whine about t-shirts like this being free advertising for the companies and/or places involved.  I don’t care.  To me these shirts are another way of recording my life experiences.

Been there; Bought the t-shirt.  Lots of t-shirts.

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