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London 2016

11 Apr

I’m off back to dear old Blighty for two weeks again this year.  Same time as last year.  July/August.

This year, the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, I am trying to give my two weeks in London a Shakespearean flavour.

There are two things that I am confirmed doing so far.  One is visiting the British Library’s special exhibition “Shakespeare in Ten Acts”.  As they will have one of the few known examples of William Shakespeare’s handwriting as part of the exhibition, that’s a must.

The other is attending a performance.  I have a ticket to see “Romeo and Juliet”, put on by Kenneth Brannagh’s Theatre Company, at the Garrick Theatre.  For me the highlight of this performance is the fact Sir Derek Jacobi will be playing Mercutio.  The chance to see an actor I consider one of the finest Shakespearean actors of our age performing live is too good to miss.  I have seen recorded performances by Sir Derek.  Notably his Hamlet and Richard II for the BBC back in the late 1970s.

I am hoping to get to Oxford as well, as the Bodleian Library has a free exhibition on Shakespeare and death.

I’m also going to try and squeeze in a visit to the Globe Theatre.  Maybe just a tour of it, because I’m not sure I’m going to get a chance to see a play there too.  Even though they are performing on of my favourites this season – “Macbeth”.

All in all, it’s going to be a wonderful two weeks.

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