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Forming the Cumbercollective on the Graham Norton Show

19 May

Finally Channel 10 in Australia showed the edition of the Graham Norton Show with Benedict Cumberbatch on it.  I do want to have a little snipe at 10 though….it would have been nice if you’d advertised ALL of the guests, not just Chris Pine and Kim Cattral…if I hadn’t known they were on the same show I would have missed it.  Channel 10 – your promotional people need firing.

Anyways….I am not a regular watcher of the Graham Norton Show, mostly because Channel 10 shows it too late on a Sunday night for this little birdie whose normal working week routine involves getting up before either the sparrows or the sun!

However, it was well worth sitting up for…and spending today impersonating a dormouse under my desk when I get the opportunity.

Chris Pine was very good.  His story about being pursued by a man wearing only one sock was hilarious. 

I do love Graham Norton’s format where he gets all the guests out at once and they basically sit and chat.  It works so well and doesn’t have the horrible stilted feel so many interview based shows have. 

It was however, Benedict Cumberbatch that I was watching for.  I was not disappointed.  He is just so lovely…and yes, I know, I am gushing.  Benedict is a wonderful guest for shows like Graham’s as he is only too happy to tell stories against himself.  The ‘neutron cream’ gag the Star Trek Into Darkness team pulled on him for example.

Poor Ben was so embarrassed when the topic of fan names came up.  He refused to say “Cumberbitches”, preferring to refer to us the Cumbercollective.  Whatever you want to call us, Ben, is fine.  I was going to say ‘we’re easy’, but that is open to massive misinterpretation.

The sight of Ben running up and down into the audience to hug his fans was so sweet.  Though I nearly collapsed laughing when Chris Pine hugged Tor, who is probably Ben’s best known fan.  The outraged squawk of “He just kissed one of my bitches!” was delightful.  Benedict does righteous outrage so well.

Benedict talking about doing “Frankenstein” with Jonny Lee Miller was very interesting.  Oh and Benedict, thank you so much for adding to my education!  Teabagging. Oh. My. God. 

Benedict talking about delivering the dialogue for “Sherlock” was also very interesting.  I hadn’t really thought about the complexity, not so much of the dialogue itself, but the method of delivery.

Graham getting Benedict to do the trailer for the show in a sinister manner was very funny.  Not half as funny, though, as Benedict’s wickedly accurate impersonation of Graham that followed!  I was literally crying with laughter at that.  I hadn’t realized just how good a mimic Benedict is.  I had heard him do Alan Rickman, but seeing him do Graham Norton, complete with bouncy body language, was absolutely hysterical.

I think I’m in love.

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