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The King’s Blood

21 Apr

Firstly, I will say that I was given a copy of “The King’s Blood” by the author, Sabrina Zbasnik, to read and review.

I really enjoyed “The King’s Blood”. The premise is a fantasy trope of unlikely survivor of a royal massacre attempting to win his throne with the assistance of the usual unlikely allies.

And that is about as usual as the book gets.

“The King’s Blood” happily smashes its way through all the fairytale ideals and fantasy stereotypes like an ogre with a sledgehammer.

Sabrina Zbasnik’s sense of humour is evil in the extreme. Imagine “Lord of the Rings” written by a combination of Douglas Adams and George Carlin and you’ve almost got a handle on “The King’s Blood”.

The main characters of Aldrin and Ciara are well written and well rounded. Even though they are 15 when the book begins, this is not a young adult novel by any stretch of the imagination.

Strong, quirky characterisation sits “The King’s Blood” well above the average range of the current crop of fantasy novels.

Sabrina Zbasnik provides a wonderfully fun read, and in my opinion, her female characters can hold their own with any seen in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Sword and Sorceress” series or Esther Friesner’s “Chicks in Chainmail” series.

I recommend “The King’s Blood” to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy, strong female characters, and has a sense of humour.

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