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The Road To Little Dribbling

13 Dec

Bill Bryson is back doing what he is absolutely brilliant at, and that is writing travel books with real warmth and charm.  You can stick the Lonely Planet, I’d rather travel with one of Bryson’s enchanting tomes.

“The Road to Little Dribbling” is Bill Bryson exploring the United Kingdom twenty years after his book “Notes from a Small Island”.

His love for his adopted country shines through on every page.

The thing that makes Bryson’s travel books so special is his eye for minutiae.

The chapter on London was my favourite.  Oh how I would love to see Bill write a book simply about London.

If you love travel and you love the United Kingdom, this book is a must for you.

Highly recommended.

PS: Congratulations to Bill Bryson on becoming a British citizen.  Now can they please make his OBE a genuine one, not an honorary…and I think it’s about time he was elevated to the peerage for services the literature, and tourism.  Lord Bryson of Little Dribbling has an excellent ring to it.

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