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The Spotted Dog

8 Oct

“The Spotted Dog is” the much awaited new novel from Kerry Greenwood.

In “The Spotted Dog” Corinna and Daniel have a new case: dognapping. The dog of a retired army veteran has been snatched from him, and he left battered. Someone has broken into the flat of Professor Dionysus Monk. There is a ransomware attack on the cafe. And worse is to come.

I admit to being a little wary as it has been a long time between the last Corinna and this one. I shouldn’t have worried, “The Spotted Dog” is pure Kerry Greenwood snark from page one. I particular liked the exchanged about zebras and the “protective custard”.

All my favourite characters are there.  I would have preferred a little more Meroe, but there was plenty of Jason & Professor Monk to make me happy.

A fun, fabulous read.

Highly recommended.

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