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Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Ripper Legacy

13 Mar

David Stuart Davies’ latest edition to Titan’s Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series is a ripper, pun completely intended.

Sherlock Holmes is asked to investigate the kidnapping of a child.  This is no ordinary kidnapping, as he discovers when Mycroft becomes involved.

Some old enemies return and there are some new ones.  All well written and well rounded.

Sherlockians will recognize the plot as a “what if” extension of a fairly well known Sherlock Holmes movie from the late 1970s.

The relationship between Holmes and Watson is pure ACD.  No jarring notes here.

A worthwhile addition to any Sherlock Holmes collection.  Highly recommended.

The Scroll of the Dead

18 Sep

“The Scroll of the Dead” by David Stuart Davies was first published in 1998, and then republished in 2009 under Titan Books “Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” imprint.

At only 172 pages, “The Scroll of the Dead” is quite short, more a novella than a novel, but it is a great read.

I was reluctant to read it at first, as I had read “The Veiled Detective”, another of David Stuart Davies Sherlock Holmes novels, and had not enjoyed it.  “The Scroll of the Dead”, however, is totally different to “The Veiled Detective”.

A papyrus scroll is stolen from the British Museum and Scotland Yard asks Holmes for help.  Theft, murder and the obligatory damsel in distress all permeate the story making it fast paced and absorbing.

What I really love about “The Scroll of the Dead” is that David Stuart Davies has totally captured the warmth and strength of the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

I was a little sad that the Scotland Yard inspector was not one of the ones from the canon.  I do love Lestrade, Gregson and Jones.  I have a particular affection for Athelney Jones, as well as Lestrade.

I do not hesitate to recommend the book to all Sherlockians.

“The Scroll of the Dead” is a worthy addition to the annals of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

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