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A Study in Sherlock

15 Sep

“A Study in Sherlock” is an anthology first published in 2011.  The stories allegedly take inspiration from the Holmes canon.  The problem is, sometimes the inspiration is so obscure that even the most dedicated Sherlockian can’t spot the bloody thing.

The anthology was edited by noted Sherlockian Leslie S. Klinger (who is currently up to his arse in a lawsuit) and author Laurie R. King.  I am being honest that I would think twice about picking up an anthology edited by them again.  “A Study in Sherlock” did not meet my expectations.  Too many of the stories had modern settings and did not feature Sherlock Holmes and John Watson at all.

Two stories, however, made up for much of my disappointment with the rest of the book.  One was by Tony Broadbent and featured a London taxi driver who as well as name checking almost ever actor who has played Holmes and Watson, had a lovely rant about the cab driver being a serial killer in the very first Sherlock episode “A Study in Pink”.

The other story was by Lee Child, an author I normally don’t enjoy.  However, his story, also with a modern setting, involving an FBI agent and the murder of an American in Baker Street, was delightful.

If you are just after interesting detective stories, then by all means pick up a copy of “A Study in Sherlock”, but I would steer any Sherlockian or Sherlock fan well away from it.

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