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Dracula’s Guest

2 Dec

This book is a fantastic sampler of Victorian vampire fiction, plus a few non-fiction accounts, including the famous Vampire of Croglin Grange. I remember reading about that in a book of horror stories when I was a child. Weird thing to include in a kid’s book, but then, I was a fairly weird kid.

Edited by Michael Sims, the book has a great balance of stories.

This book includes some true classics, including John Polidori’s “The Vampire” and the first chapter of the notorious penny dreadful serial “Varney the Vampire”. This latter is memorable for it’s appallingly florid metaphors – “the hailstones sounded like the patter of millions of fairy feet.” But it’s enough that I really wish I could find all 109 chapters of its appealing awfulness.

Anyone looking for Twilight-style vampires, just don’t bother. The stories in this anthology date from a period when vampire’s were genuinely terrifying.

I would recommend “Dracula’s Guest” to anyone who enjoyed good vampire fiction or Victorian stories in general.

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