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Jeremy Clarkson – a Few Thoughts

30 Mar

I have been more than a little disturbed by the back swell against Jeremy Clarkson’s sacking by the BBC.  The man committed an act of violence against an employee and people want him to keep his job?

I am going to ask you a question.  I don’t expect you to answer, but I would like you to think about the question a lot and reply honestly to yourself.

Would your attitude towards Jeremy Clarkson be different if the producer he had abused and then hit had been a woman?

There should be no difference, but the inbuilt sexism of the majority will mean that there is.  The sex of the victim should make no difference, but in the eyes of the media and of the general public, it frequently does.  Violence is not acceptable.  A tendency to use fists to settle arguments shows the character of a person quite clearly.  And it is not an attractive picture.  Only brute animals use violence to get their own way.

There is NO excuse for Jeremy Clarkson’s behaviour.  He verbally and then physically abused another human being.  For no better reason than there was no hot food.  There would have been hot food if he hadn’t larked around in a pub drinking for hours.

Actions have consequences.  Most people learn this before they are five years old.

Jeremy Clarkson belongs to that annoying subset of humanity known as the “self entitled celebrity”.  These people think the world should make exceptions for them.  Never mind that the hotel staff were tired after a long shift and wanted to go home.  His irresponsibility kept them there until the manager made an executive decision to send his staff home.  As any good manager would.  Clarkson should have accepted that his actions had meant there was no hot meal.  He had no right to go off at the producer the way he did.  Face it, if your toddler behaved like that, your most likely response would be a smacked arse and time out.

The BBC really had no choice but to sack Clarkson.  Not just because he was on his last warning.  I don’t know what the workplace safety laws are like in the United Kingdom, but if that had happened in Australia Jeremy Clarkson would be in a pile of ordure up to his neck!  Bullying, verbal harassment, physical harassment, physical harm – Clarkson would be looking at huge personal fines and perhaps jail time, as would the BBC for allowing it to happen!  This is without the possible criminal charges that would stem from such an altercation.

Maybe now Clarkson will learn about the necessity of taking responsibility for his own actions.  That every thing that he does will have consequences.  This has been a lesson a long time coming, and only time will tell if it has been thoroughly learned or not.

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