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3 Dec

“Waxwork” by Peter Lovesey was the last of the Sgt Cribb books.

The scene is London in 1888: Mrs Miriam Cromer has confessed to the murder of the assistant to her photographer husband, because he was blackmailing her. Miriam is sentence to death, but before she can be hanged, doubts are cast on her confession. Sgt Cribb is tasked with investigating the matter. Is Miriam Cromer truly guilty of a most heinous murder?

The story is split between Cribb’s investigation and the actions of hangman James Berry in the run up to the execution. The result is a story with verve and bounce that keeps you in its grip right up to the final denouement.

The thing I found interesting was that as I read the book I kept getting mental flashbacks to the television adaptation of the book, which was done around the time of the Granada Sherlock Holmes adaptations. Which only goes to show just how strong the story is.

Highly recommended if you can get hold of a copy.

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