Starring Sherlock Holmes

19 Aug

“Starring Sherlock Holmes” is a gorgeous book by noted Sherlockian David Stuart Davies.  It covers all the appearances of the character on screen from the silent movie days until Matt Frewer’s outing as Holmes around 2004.

I do hope that David Stuart Davies does another revised version to include Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock.

This is a coffee table book, but don’t automatically expect that information has been sacrificed for photographs.  Whilst there are heaps of gorgeous photos from all the screen appearances, there is also a lot a very interesting information about each incarnation of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Naturally, much space is dedicated to the classic combinations of Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce, and Jeremy Brett/David Burke/Edward Hardwicke, but the lesser known pairings are all comprehensively covered.  Including many from non English speaking backgrounds.  Sherlock Holmes has proved to be very popular in Germany and Poland, with both countries producing their own movies and television versions.

I was delighted to be able to reacquaint myself with Christopher Plummer’s Holmes from the 1978 movie “Murder by Decree” which I had almost forgotten.  His Watson was the wonderful James Mason.  I remember really enjoying that movie, but as it was never released to video (that I am aware of) it dropped out of my personal Sherlockian database.

“Starring Sherlock Holmes” is a visual feast for Sherlockians and television and movie historians.  It also supplies some very interesting trivia.  I hadn’t known that Christopher Plummer is a cousin of Nigel Bruce, or that Jeremy Brett originally played Watson on stage, opposite Charlton Heston as Holmes.

Lots of wonderful snippets for the casual reader and the dedicated Sherlockian.

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