The Silence of the Library

10 Mar

If you haven’t encountered Charlie Harris and his maine coon cat, Diesel, do yourself a favour and jump on board the books.

The latest volume is probably one of the best, especially if you are one of those people, like me, that grew up reading teenage sleuth books like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

In “The Silence of the Library” the Athena Public Library is holding a teenage sleuth exhibition, when they discover that the author of a series of books, the Veronica Thane mysteries, is still alive at nearly 100 and living near Athena. When Charlie and his colleague Theresa manage to persuade the centenarian to make a public appearance, all hell breaks loose, as dedicated Veronica Thane fans flood to Athena. All is fine and dandy, until a local fan is murdered in her own home.

Add a rumour of unpublished Veronica Thane manuscripts, as well as rare collectable volumes, and the scene is set for Charlie and Diesel to do their very own sleuthing.

Miranda James’ books just keep getting better. The cast of characters are interesting and vibrant. To the point that you find yourself wishing they were real people. Charlie Harris, his dear friend Helen Louise, his offspring Sean and Laura, his boarder Stewart Delacorte, to name a few, are all lively and entertaining. It doesn’t matter if Charles isn’t centre stage, because the supporting cast are all capable of carrying scenes by themselves. It is rare to find an author whose secondary characters are all as strong and well rounded as the principle character.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of Miranda James’ novels to anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries, cats in novels, or anyone who enjoys a highly entertaining read.

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