The Last Word: Tales from the Tip of the Mother Tongue

15 Apr

If you love the bendy, wriggly, twisty entity that is the English language, then “The Last Word: Tales from the Tip of the Mother Tongue” is a must read for you.

The book started life as a newspaper column and Ben Macintyre writes enthusiastically about all facets of the English language and its usages.

It’s a real gem for anyone who reviews books, be it professionally, or on Good Reads, Amazon, or via blogs. Ben has a wonderful tongue-in-cheek article on the meaning of various phrases used in reviews. It is laugh out loud funny.

There is also an interesting article on book blurbs and how they come about. I won’t spoil it, but I will say I was shocked at what I learned, and I will be looking at the blurbs on books with a fairly jaundiced eye in the future.

Ben Macintyre also turns his attention on the various dialects, pidgins and creoles of English, giving anyone who has not experienced this area of the language a new and interesting language experience.

I recommend “The Last Word: Tales from the Tip of the Mother Tongue” to anyone who reviews books, loves books, and, like myself, has an ongoing love affair with the English language.

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