How to Land an A330 Airbus and Other Vital Skills for the Modern Man

2 Jul

Written by “Top Gear” host and engineering geek, James May, “How to Land An A330 Airbus and Other Vital Skills for the Modern Man” is possibly the weirdest little book I’ve ever read.  The title is self explanatory, and the contents extremely educational.  I ran the part on “How to drive a Steam Locomotive” by a friend of mine who is a serious train nut and was informed that the instructions are accurate!

Of course, as James May himself points out, the book is really just male fantasy fuel, and extremely funny fantasy fuel at that.

The section on “How to Deliver Twins” had me falling off my chair as I was laughing so hard.  James May’s comparison of the female reproductive system to a helicopter was as hilarious as it was disturbing.

I am a modern woman, rather than a modern man, but I do think it is vital to know how to land an aircraft in the event of an emergency (provided you can get into the cockpit), and everyone could do with learning how to deliver babies.  Escaping from Butlins I will probably never need, and God alone knows why anyone would want to invade and occupy the Isle of Wight.  I visited it once and was bored out of my tree.

All in all this is a delightfully eccentric little book and a source of a little light entertainment on a cold evening.

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