Super Foods and Me

27 Oct

There was an article in the Herald Sun newspaper here in Melbourne yesterday on how so called “super foods” are heading our diets.

There was a rather snippy comment from a dietician about people not having to spend a lot on good food; that regular fruit, vegetables and grains were just as good.

I would like to point out to the dietician and the reporter and anyone else who read the article that not everyone buys super foods for their unproven abilities.  Mostly I buy them for taste.  I don’t care how super something is, I am not going to eat it if it tastes awful.  Goji berries come to mind.  One company covers them with dark chocolate and tries to flog them that way.  As far as I am concerned, all that does is ruin perfectly good chocolate.

The article mentioned the six most popular super foods as follows:

Kale – yes, I eat this.  But only in the winter in my soups.  I am amazed that anyone actually eats it raw in salads as it is as tough as buggery.  Though maybe that’s the idea.  Chewing as exercise.  And as for juicing it!  *shudders*  I think the most disgusting thing I’ve ever drunk was a sample of kale juice I was offered by a hawker a few months ago.  Yuk doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Cacao – Another yes.  It is one of the expensive super foods, but it is worth the price.  I pay $19.95 for 450gms of Australian Certified Organic Ecuadorian cacao which tastes a hundred times better than the mass produced cocoa you can get at the supermarket.  Also there is no added sugar and shit.  I use cacao to make my own hot chocolate, chocolate cakes, pear & cacao compote, and come the warmest days of summer, chocolate smoothies.

Chia seeds – Another big yes,  These delicious little seeds are a staple in my pantry.  Mostly used in my homemade bread and as a crunchy sprinkle on my breakfast.  I love the way they swell and ooze a yummy gel when they get wet.

Coconut Water – Haven’t really got into this at all.  However, I did spot coconut water with pomegranate at the supermarket at the weekend, so snagged one to try.  Pomegranate is one of my favourite fruits, so if this tastes good, this blend could become a regular part of my diet.

Spinach – Possibly my favourite green (next to chard).  Most versatile leafy green in my crisper.  Salads, soups, stir fries, pastas and curries.  If there is every a spinach shortage I may well have a nervous breakdown.

Berries – Oh hell YES!  Strawberries in particular.  Also blackberries, blueberries, and, when I can afford them, raspberries.  A big favourite for breakfasts, either fresh or in compotes.  Add them to smoothies.  I love them as a light lunch with a few lightly salted crackers and cheese.

The thing is, apart from the cacao, none of these so called super foods are really that expensive.  One of our supermarkets, Coles, does their own in house line of seeds and grains, so I can get chia seeds and quinoa (also for my bread) at reasonable prices.  Spinach is probably one of the cheapest green vegetables on the market.  Kale is reasonably priced here too.  If you buy berries seasonally then they’re not too expensive either.  Except raspberries.  Even in season they cost a bloody fortune!  I think the growers must be fertilizing the things with powdered bloody gold!

I personally don’t believe that super foods are a gimmick.  Like anything else, it doesn’t make good health sense just to live on them.  But part of a balanced diet they add a richness and a delicious fillip to your meals.

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